Lower Falls (District Electoral Area)

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Lower Falls
District Electoral Area
Lower Falls Wards.png
Map showing Lower Falls wards within Belfast
Population(2008 Estimate)
CountryNorthern Ireland
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
UK Parliament
NI Assembly
List of places
Northern Ireland

Lower Falls was one of the nine district electoral areas which existed in Belfast, Northern Ireland from 1985 to 2014. Located in the west of the city, the district elected five members to Belfast City Council and contained the wards of Beechmount; Clonard; Falls; Upper Springfield; and Whiterock. Lower Falls formed part of the Belfast West constituencies for the Northern Ireland Assembly and UK Parliament. The district, along with the neighbouring Upper Falls district took its name from the Falls Road, one of the main arterial routes in the west of the city.


Lower Falls was created for the 1985 local elections. The Falls and Clonard wards had previously been in Area F, with the remaining wards part of Area D. It was abolished for the 2014 local elections. The Falls and Clonard wards joined the Court District Electoral Area, while the remaining wards became part of a new Black Mountain District Electoral Area.


Map Ward Population
(2011 Census)
Catholic Protestant Other No Religion Area Density NI Assembly UK Parliament Ref
1 Beechmount 5,485 90.8% 6.1% 0.6% 2.5% 0.84 km2 6,530/km2 Belfast West Belfast West [1]
2 Clonard 4,975 90.5% 6.4% 0.6% 2.6% 0.61 km2 8,156/km2 Belfast West Belfast West [2]
3 Falls 5,184 87.6% 7.5% 2.3% 2.6% 1.2 km2 4,320/km2 Belfast West Belfast West [3]
4 Upper Springfield 5,250 93.5% 4.6% 0.3% 1.6% 2.5 km2 2,100/km2 Belfast West Belfast West [4]
5 Whiterock 5,694 93.1% 4.7% 0.3% 1.8% 0.78 km2 7,300/km2 Belfast West Belfast West [5]
Lower Falls 26,588 91.1% 5.8% 0.3% 1.8% 5.93 km2 4,484 /km2 Belfast West Belfast West


Election Councillor
2011 Janice Austin
(Sinn Féin)
Colin Keenan
Jim McVeigh
(Sinn Féin)
Steven Corr
(Sinn Féin)
Tom Hartley
(Sinn Féin)
2005 Marie Moore
(Sinn Féin)
Máire Cush
(Sinn Féin)
Fra McCann
(Sinn Féin)
2001 Margaret Walsh
1997 Seán McKnight
(Sinn Féin)
1993 Mary Muldoon
Patsy McGeown
(Sinn Féin)
1989 Joe Hendron
E Fitzsimons
(Sinn Féin)
Seán McKnight
(Sinn Féin)
1985 Will Glendinning
Seán Keenan
(Sinn Féin)

2011 Elections[edit]

See also: Results of elections in 2011; 2005; 2001; 1997; 1993; 1989 and 1985.
Belfast City Council elections, 2011[6]
Party Candidate 1st Pref
Sinn Féin Janice Austin 1,920
Sinn Féin Steven Corr 1,572
Sinn Féin Tom Hartley 1,561
Sinn Féin Jim McVeigh 1,497
SDLP Colin Keenan 1,000
Sinn Féin Breige Brownlee 813
Éirígí John McCusker 647
Workers' Party John Lowry 398
Irish Republican Socialist Jim Gorman 209
Socialist Party Pat Lawlor 148
Turnout 9,765
Social Democratic and Labour gain from Sinn Féin

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