East Caprivi

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Republic of East Caprivi
Republiek van Oos-Caprivi
Republik Ostcaprivi
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Allocation of Land to bantustans according to the Odendaal Plan. East Caprivi is in the top right corner.
Map of the bantustan
Capital Katima Mulilo
Languages Lozi
Political structure Bantustan
 •  Self-government 1972
 •  Re-integrated into Namibia May 1989
Currency South African rand
Preceded by
Succeeded by
South West Africa

East Caprivi was a bantustan in South West Africa (present-day Namibia), intended by the apartheid government to be a self-governing homeland for the Lozi people. It was set up in 1972, in the very corner of the Namibian panhandle called Caprivi Strip. It was granted a self-governing status in 1976. The homeland was renamed Lozi soon after. Not like the other homelands in South West Africa, Lozi was directly administrated through the Department of Bantu Administration and Development in Pretoria.[1]

Lozi, like other homelands in South West Africa, was abolished in May 1989 at the start of the transition to independence.

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Coordinates: 17°46′10″S 24°12′49″E / 17.76944°S 24.21361°E / -17.76944; 24.21361