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Luis de Matos
Born Luis Manuel Curcialeiro Godinho de Matos
(1970-08-23) August 23, 1970 (age 47)
Lourenço Marques, Portuguese Mozambique
Nationality Portuguese
Occupation Magician

Luis de Matos (born 23 August 1970) is a Portuguese magician. He was co-winner of the "Golden Grolla" in 2013 alongside Lu Chen and Dynamo.[1]

He is the youngest magician ever to receive "The Devant Award" from The Magic Circle (October 19, 2013).[2][3][4]

Early years[edit]

Luis de Matos was born in Portuguese Mozambique in 1970, a Portuguese overseas province until 1975. At the age of five he moved with his parents to Portugal where the family settled near the city of Coimbra.

Luis de Matos has a bachelor's degree (B.Ag) in agricultural technical engineering from Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra (ESAC) part of the Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra (IPC).

In 1995 Luis de Matos baffled the Portuguese public when predicting the Lottery numbers one week's time in advance.


Luis de Matos is a professional magician in Portugal. He began making guest appearances on television in 1990 and two years later hosted his own television series entitled "Isto é Magia!" ("This is Magic"). This was followed by several other magic successful TV shows including "Noite Mágica", "Ilusões com Luis de Matos”, "Luis de Matos Ao Vivo", "Shalakabula", "Mistérios" a 13 x 1 hour series for RTP1 in Portugal.

Luis de Matos has made appearances and started as a regular in TV shows worldwide like "Shalakabula" in Spain, BBC "The Magicians", most recently starting in its latest Spanish version "Por Arte de Magia".[5] Nowadays he is currently ongoing its 9th season as a regular on TVG TV show "LUAR".

Throughout the years he won several important prizes such as the "Magician of the year" (Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts − 1999) and the "Mandrake D'or" (French Society of Magicians − 2000).

Quoting his "Award of Merit" (Hollywood Academy of Magic Arts − 1995):

"In recognition of his remarkable devotion to the art of magic. His television series "Isto é Magia" and "Noite Mágica" brought legions of new fans to the art. An accomplished magician and illusionist he has brought dozens of international stars of magic before his television audience to share their talent and their knowledge of magical history. In his career he will touch millions and instill in them his love for magic."

He has worked as a magical consultant to Portugal’s National Theatre, was artistic director of FISM 2000[6] in Lisbon and is responsible for many memorable events like the Guinness World Records for "Vanishing 52,001 Silk Handkerchiefs Simultaneously" at the Estádio do Dragão (football stadium) opening ceremony in Porto, Portugal. Luis de Matos was the mastermind and protagonist of the event.[7][8]

In 2010, in collaboration with David Britland and Marco Tempest, Luis de Matos organized The Essential Magic Conference,[9] the first and only (so far) online magic conference. This conference was held in ESTÚDIO33 (STUDIO33) in Portugal, where 33 magic celebrities learned, shared and collaborated with the worldwide magic community. The original concept was to carry out the conference for another two years, which they did successfully. During the last year of the conference, nearly 2000 people "attended" from around 75 countries of the world.

His biggest project to date is the creation of ESTÚDIO33 in Ansião. It is the purpose built magical headquarters of Luis de Matos Productions, housing a fully rigged theatre, rehearsal space, reference library, workshop and offices.

He is also the founder and producer of The Essential Magic Collection, a groundbreaking DVD collection dedicated to providing high quality teaching materials for magic and magicians.

Luis de Matos "Special Fellowship Award" by the Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts, April 2013.

In 2013 Luis de Matos receives in Los Angeles, his third award by the Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts, the “Special Fellowship Award" where the following is engraved:

“In recognition of a trail-blazing achievement in magic and media. As founder and producer of the Essential Magic Conference, his tireless efforts helped to create something genuinely new, guiding magic into its future.”

Also in 2013 he is distinguished with the Magic Golden Grolla Award “Il grande rivoluzionario della magia”, founded in 1953, it is one of the most renowned awards given to artists and public figures of different art forms in Italy.

Luis de Matos was distinguished in October 2013 with "The David Devant Award" by The Magic Circle. This award is given to those who have made a significant contribution in advancing the art of magic or who have given outstanding service to magic internationally.

Nowadays Luis de Matos still has a major contribution to the promotion of Magic and Art producing a series of Street Magic Festivals, occurring every year throughout the country (Portugal). In these festivals he brings literally dozens of great performers from all over the world to amaze and entertain the most varied audiences.[10][11]


  • 1990. First professional appearance on RTP1 Christmas Special ('Natal dos Hospitais') as the ceremony's host.
  • 1991. Hosts a ten-minute spot on a morning show called 'Espaço Mágico' (13 episodes) on RTP1.
  • 1992. Writes and hosts 'Isto é Magia' ('This is Magic') series (40 episodes) on RTP1.
  • 1991. Participates as game show host on 'Caça ao Tesouro' ('Treasure Hunt') for 96 episodes on RTP1.
  • 1992. Writes and hosts 'Isto é Magia' ('This is Magic') (26 episodes) on RTP1.
  • 1994. Writes and hosts 'Noite Mágica' ('Magic Night') (26 episodes) on RTP1.
  • 1994. Hosts live with Ana do Carmo Festival da Canção on RTP1.
  • 1995. Hosts a Portuguese talk show 'Domingo em Cheio!' (10 episodes) on RTP1.
  • 1995. Participates on the 'Magiskt Show', Sweden; 'World's Greatest Magic', NBC; 'Champions of Magic', ABC.
  • 1996. Writes, produces and hosts 'Ilusões com Luis de Matos' (26 episodes) on RTP1 having Sónia Araújo as his assistant.
  • 1996. Participates for the second time at Monaco's 'Champions of Magic', produced by ABC.
  • 2001. Writes, produces and hosts 'Luis de Matos Ao Vivo' (13 episodes) on RTP1.
  • 2005. Hosts with Catarina Furtado, live on RTP1 the 'Gala Pirilampo Mágico' (Portuguese famous gala show).
  • 2006. 'Luis de Matos 3D' (TV Special) on RTP1.
  • 2006. Participates as regular on the Spanish TV Show 'Shalakabula' (21 episodes).
  • 2006. Begins his weekly participation on Spanish TV Show 'Luar' on TVG, which is still ongoing (currently in its 9th Season of participation).
  • 2008. Writes, produces and hosts 'Mistérios' (13 episodes) on RTP1.
  • 2009. Participates in several international TV Shows: 'Surprise, Surprise' (Romania) and 'Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde' (France).
  • 2011. The Magicians, (5 TV Specials) for BBC.
  • 2011. Participates on RTP1 live gala show 'PORTUGAL APLAUDE' dedicated to arts.
  • 2012. This is Magic, (2 TV Shows) recorded for MBC South Korea.
  • 2013. Por Arte de Magia recorded in Spain for Antena 3.


  • 1999. "A Magia de Luis de Matos" ("Luis de Matos Magic"/"Mobile Theatre Tour") - first national tour (Portugal), 45 cities, 245 shows took place in a special venue created and designed by Luis de Matos called “Teatro Móvel” ("Mobile Theatre").
  • 2001. "Utopia" - 12.000 spectators audience at Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon.
  • 2002. "Luis de Matos CLOSE-UP" - touring Portugal and Spain for seven years.
  • 2004. "Luis de Matos ENIGMA" - touring Portugal and Spain for five years.
  • 2012. "Luis de Matos CHAOS" - touring Portugal and Spain.

The Illusionists 2.0[12]

  • Adelaide, Australia [13] (from 27 December 2013 to 5 January 2014)
  • Sydney, Australia [14] (from 8 to 16 January 2014)
  • Brisbane, Australia [15] (from 19 to 27 January 2014)
  • Mexico City, Mexico [16] (from 16 to 27 July 2014)
  • Auckland, New Zealand [17] (from 2 to 13 September 2014)
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE [18] (from 25 to 29 October 2014)
  • Dubai, UAE Dubai World Trade Center [19] (from 30 October to 5 November 2014)
  • Istanbul, Turkey [20] (from 13 to 17 November 2014)
  • Melbourne, Australia [21] (from 16 to 25 January 2015)
  • Perth, Australia [22] (from 11 to 19 April 2015)



  • "O Mundo Mágico de Luis de Matos" ("Luis de Matos Magic World") | Publisher Gradiva | 1995 - Author.
  • "Hocus Pocus" by Paul Kieve | Publisher Dom Quixote | 2009 - Preface by Luis de Matos.


Magic Kits[edit]

  • "Luis de Matos MAGICUS" | Includes Original DVD | 2011 | Concentra.
  • "Isto é Magia!" | 2006 | Concentra.
  • "SCHHH... Isto é Segredo!" | Includes Original VHS | Frenesim.


("The Devant Award") Luis de Matos at The Magic Circle Awards in October 2013.


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