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Lublin Station
WK15 Lublin (2) Lichen99.jpg
LocationZa Cukrownią, LublinLublin Voivodeship
Owned byPolskie Koleje Państwowe S.A.
Opened1877 (renovated 1996-2004)
Previous namesLublin Główny
Railway lines in the area around Lublin circa 2009. Lines marked in red and blue did not carry passenger traffic.

Lublin railway station (Polish Stacja Lublin) is the most important railway station in Lublin, Poland. It is sometimes referred to as Lublin Główny (Lublin Main), to distinguish it from two other (much smaller) stations located in Lublin. The main station building was opened in 1877, together with the Vistula River Railroad, which connected Warsaw with Kovel. At the time Lublin was in the Russian Empire as part of Congress Poland.

The station serves trains running on the three significant passenger carrying lines radiating from Lublin: the line to Warsaw, the line to Chełm and the border with Ukraine, and the line to Przeworsk. It is one of the busiest stations in eastern Poland, with over 50 train departures on a typical day.

Following the recreation of Poland in 1918, the station building was reconstructed in the 1920s to give it a more Polish style,[1] as the original building looked like a typical station of the Russian Empire.[2] In recent years the station was completely refurbished. Because of this, it is now considered one of the best railway stations in Poland, according to Gazeta Wyborcza which gave it second place in the ranking of 23 most significant Polish railway stations.[3]

The station is linked by rail to the Lublin Airport.

In 2011 a modernisation of the line north of Lublin to Lubartów started. The 25 km single track section had its maximum speed upgraded to 120 km/h, from previous 30-60 km/h.[4] Once finished, passenger services were restored on it starting from April 2, 2013. [5]


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