Lucero De México

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Lucero de México
Studio album by Lucero
Released 25 February 1992 (1992-02-25)
Recorded 1991–1992
Genre Mariachi, ranchera
Label Melody
Producer Rubén Fuentes
Lucero chronology
Sólo Pienso En Ti
Lucero De México
Alternative covers
Singles from Lucero de México
  1. "Llorar"
    Released: 22 January 1992
  2. "Que no quede huella"
    Released: 29 May 1992
  3. "Tristes Recuerdos"
    Released: 21 August 1992

Lucero de México (Lucero of Mexico) is the ninth album from Mexican pop music singer and actress Lucero, and her second Mariachi album. It was released in 1992. One of the best selling albums of mariachi music in México history, with sales of over 2 million copies.

Track listing[edit]

The album is composed by 12 songs, all of them were arranged by different songwriters.[1]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Como Fui a Enamorarme de Ti" Marco Antonio Solís 3:35
2. "Llorar" Joan Sebastian 2:45
3. "Que No Quede Huella" José Guadalupe Esparza 3:30
4. "Tu Infame Engaño" Gustavo Ángel Alba 3:15
5. "Como Duele" Esparza 3:30
6. "Tristes Recuerdos" Catarino Lara 3:30
7. "Pétalo y Espinas" Jesús Navarrete 3:20
8. "Contigo o Sin Ti" Sebastian 2:42
9. "Tu Presa Fácil" Navarrete 5:23
10. "Corazón Duro" Esparza 2:46
11. "Verdad Que Duele" Joan Sebastian 2:33
12. "Me Estoy Volviendo Loca" Solís 3:10


# Title Mex. Hot Lat.
1. "Llorar" #1 #29[2]
2. "Que no quede huella" #5 n/a
3. "Tristes Recuerdos" #15 n/a

Chart performance[edit]

This was the third album of Lucero that entered to the list of Billboard and the first that charted in 2 different lists. The album stayed in the chart of the Top Latin Albums just for 2 weeks peaking at #45; and it stayed in the Regional Mexican Albums for 21 weeks, peaking at #6.

Chart Peak[3]
Billboard Reg. Mex. Albums 6
Billboard Top Latin Albums 45