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Lucius Israel Barber (October 7, 1806 - February 16, 1889) was a politician in the Wisconsin Territory and Connecticut.


Barber was born in Simsbury, Connecticut on October 7, 1806.[1] He graduated from Amherst College and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1835, he moved to what would become the Wisconsin Territory, which at that time was part of the Michigan Territory, settling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He later moved to Jefferson County, Wisconsin in 1839. Barber died on February 16, 1889 in Simsbury, Connecticut.


Barber was a member of the Wisconsin Territorial Legislature from 1838 to 1839, serving as Speaker of the Wisconsin Territorial House of Representatives in 1839. He was again a member of the Legislature serving in the Wisconsin Territorial Council from 1840 to 1844. Barber was a member of the Whig Party. He moved back to Simsbury, Connecticut. In 1850, he served in the Connecticut House of Representatives as a Whig and was a probate judge. Barber was also a historian and wrote books about the history of Simsbury, Connecticut.[2]


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