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Lugaži (Estonian: Luke, German: Luhde) is a small town in the Valka Parish of Valka municipality in Latvia.

The small community is largely a satellite town of Valka. It has a railway station, and until international services were resumed in 2008, it was the terminus of trains running on the Riga – Lugaži Railway. Since 2008, however, all trains travel on from Lugaži and cross the international border into Estonia, terminating at Valga. From Valga a connecting train service is available through Estonia, to Tallinn, providing a direct rail link between the two capital cities of Riga and Tallinn.

Lugaži was first mentioned in the year 1344 when Luke Castle was built.

Coordinates: 57°46′N 25°57′E / 57.767°N 25.950°E / 57.767; 25.950