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Dr. Luise Druke
Luise Druke im Senatssaal der Leibniz Universität Hannover.jpg
Luise Druke: Innovations in refugee protection, Frankfurt am Main, 2013
Alma materUniversity of Hannover (Master of Arts)
Known forInnovations in Refugee Protection, A Compendium of UNHCR's 60 Years.
AwardsNobel Peace Prize Certificate in recognition of devoted refugee service with UNHCR, 1981
Scientific career
FieldsPolitical Science, International Relations & Law, United Nations
InstitutionsHarvard University
Doctoral advisorJürgen Seifert, David Kennedy (jurist)
Other academic advisorsJohn Thomas
InfluencesPoul Hartling, Joseph Nye

Luise Druke, DPhil, MPA (born May 17, 1948) is a German scholar and practitioner in the fields of International Relations, United Nations, and Refugee protection. Besides her academic work, Dr. Druke has headed offices and missions of the UNHCR (High Commissioner for Refugees) in Europe, South East Asia and Central Asia, Latin America, and Africa for nearly 30 years.[1]


Dr. Luise Druke was born in Hannover on May 17, 1948. She received a DPhil in political science from the University of Hannover while Fellow at Harvard’s Center for International Affairs and Visiting Researcher at the Harvard Law School Human Rights Program (1987–88). She also received an honorary doctorate in political science and law from Shumen University,[2] a Master in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard University, an LL.M. from Brussels University and a M.A. in Economics, Finance and Management from Webster University, St. Louis, a Diploma from Sorbonne, License d'enseignement from Paris VIII University and a M.A. from the European Institute of High International Studies, University of Nice in European Studies.

Since 1977, Dr. Druke has headed offices and missions of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in Europe, South East Asia and Central Asia, Latin America, and Africa, including the Namibian Operation as part of UNTAG, the country operation in Honduras[3][4] with refugees from El Salvador, Nicaragua[5] and Guatemala in the midst of armed conflicts during the late 1980s,[6] and the operations in Kazakhstan/Central Asia. While UNHCR representative in Bulgaria[7][8][9] she frequently acted as the UN Resident Coordinator from 2000–2005, as well as the Humanitarian Coordinator in the NATO Cooperative Key operations (2001, 2003, and initially in 2005) with 20,000 refugees in the midst of an air conflict between warring parties inside of Bulgaria.[10] During and after her work for the United Nations Dr. Druke lectured at the Faculty of Law and the European Institute and the University of Nice, at Boston University in the graduate program in International Relations in Brussels and presented seminars and round tables at the Harvard Kennedy School as well as at the MIT Center for International Studies where she served as a visiting scholar. She also has been teaching semester courses at the Leibniz University Hannover,[11] at Suffolk University[12] and at Harvard University[13] in UN and EU related topics.[14]


Dr. Luise Druke is author/co-editor of 13 books and over 30 articles,[1] including:

  • Innovations in refugee protection; including case studies on IT communities, Vietnamese boatpeople, Chilean exile and Namibian repatriation (Peter Lang, 2013) (in English)
  • Refugee Protection and Integration in Bulgaria (UNHCR Sofia, 2004–2005) (in English and Bulgarian)
  • Collection of Documents on Refugees and Persons in Refugee Like Situations in the Republic of Kazakhstan (UNHCR Almaty, 1998) (in English, Russian, and Kazakh)
  • O Novo Regime Juridico de Asilo em Portugal, Recohla de Trabalhos do ACNUR em Portugal (UNHCR Lisboa, 1995–1997) (in Portuguese)
  • Colectanea de Estudos e Documentacao sobre Refugiados. Vol. II, eds. Druke/Galvao (UNHCR Lisboa, 1997) (in Portuguese)
  • Audição Parlamentar sobre a situação dos Refugiados em Portugal, eds. Druke/Martins (UNHCR Lisboa/Assembly of the Republic Portugal, 1996) (in Portuguese)
  • Colectanea de Estudos e Documentacao sobre Refugiados. Vol. I, eds. Druke/Galvao (UNHCR Lisboa, 1996) (in Portuguese)
  • Fluchtziel Europa – Strategien fur eine neue Fluchtlingspolitik. eds. Druke/Weigelt (Olzog, 1993) (in German)
  • Asylum Rules in the European Union – Legislative Instruments and Judicial Control (Institute of Public Intl. Law & Intl. Relations of Thessaloniki, 1994/2000 pp. 265–374) (in English)
  • Refugee Policy to 1992 and Beyond. Proposals for a New Humanitarian Order at the European and Intl. Level (UNHCR Brussels, 1991) (in English)
  • Preventive Action for Refugee Producing Situations. With a foreword of Poul Hartling, Diss. (Peter Lang, 1990, 2nd ed. 1993). (in English)

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