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Lullabies of the World (Russian: Колыбе́льные ми́ра; tr.:Kolubelnyye mira) is a Russian animated project begun in 2005, whose goal is to create animated music videos to musical performances of lullabies (in their original languages) from countries around the world. All of the films are directed by Yelizaveta Skvotsova. It is made at Metronome Studio and supported by the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of the Russian Federation.

20 lullabies are currently completed, and more are being made. The project has received high critical praise within Russia and won a number of awards at film festivals.

List of lullabies[edit]

  1. Russian
  2. Chukchi
  3. Greek
  4. French
  5. African
  6. Indian
  7. Georgian
  8. Spanish
  9. Swedish
  10. Turkish
  11. Bulgarian
  12. Armenian
  13. Jewish
  14. Japanese
  15. Hungarian
  16. Moldavian
  17. Azerbaijan
  18. German
  19. Ukrainian
  20. Canadian


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