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Lunascape was a Belgian trip hop band founded in the mid-1990s by Kyoko Baertsoen and Walter Hilhorst. The group was initially formed under the name Calyx, but changed it to avoid confusion with a London drum and bass group by the same name.

Baertsoen and Hilhorst originally met at the television and film academy in Brussels in 1993, and began working on small-scale musical projects at that time, but their collaboration was interrupted in 1997 when Baertsoen joined the group Hooverphonic and toured Europe with them. On her return she resumed working with Hilhorst on the project that would become Lunascape. Their first two albums, Reflecting Seyelence and Mindstalking, were released only in Europe, but in 2005, their first North American release, Reminiscence, from Dancing Ferret Discs's Noir label, combined tracks from both the previous albums, bringing their music to a new audience. Tracks from Reflecting Seyelence were used in the IMAX 3D movie Haunted Castle.

Citing influences ranging from goth pioneers The Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus to psychedelic acts like Pink Floyd to the ethereal pop of the Cocteau Twins, Lunascape create lush, moody soundscapes, dominated by Baertsoen's distinctive ethereal vocals. Many listeners first encountered them when Rhys Fulber's electronic music project Conjure One recorded a cover of Lunascape's "Tears from the Moon" in 2003, with Sinéad O'Connor on vocals.

The Lunascape track "Surrender" is getting more and more recognition[1] thanks to being the title score for the extremely popular police series "Flikken" in Belgium and the Netherlands. Dancing Ferret released Lunascape's newest album, "Innerside" in April 2008. The band split in December 2008.


  • Reflecting Seyelence (2002)
    1. "Your Shadow"
    2. "Tears From the Moon"
    3. "My 2nd Skin"
    4. "Love = Creepy"
    5. "Lane Navachi" (Imax film "Haunted Castle" theme)
    6. "Sin for Me"
    7. "Love Leather"
    8. "Sequoia"
    9. "Yairo"
    10. "Inferno"
    11. "Mourning Star"
    12. "Dream Scenario"
  • Mindstalking (2004)
    1. "Praise Me"
    2. "Right to Be Wrong"
    3. "Mindstalking"
    4. "Mute Emotion"
    5. "Perfume Recalling"
    6. "Feigned Affair"
    7. "Masquerade"
    8. "State of Mind"
    9. "Daydream History"
    10. "Nude Nature"
    11. "SOS Planet" (Imax Film Theme)
  • Reminiscence (2005)
    1. "Mindstalking"
    2. "Praise Me"
    3. "Tears From the Moon"
    4. "Your Shadow"
    5. "Lane Navachi"
    6. "State of Mind"
    7. "Carolyn"
    8. "Yairo"
    9. "Sequoia"
    10. "Inferno"
    11. "Severed Heart"
    12. "SOS Planet"
    13. [untitled]
  • Innerside (2008)
    1. "Outside"
    2. "Prophecy of Doubt"
    3. "Surrender"
    4. "Burden of Beauty"
    5. "Counterclock Desire"
    6. "Into the Core"
    7. "Truth Or Dare"
    8. "Simplify Me"
    9. "Electro Love"
    10. "United Brands"
    11. "Chemical Lingo"
    12. "Shimmering Sun"
    13. "Raven Star" (on Limited Edition CD)
    14. "Secret Lies" (on Limited Edition CD)
    15. "Burning Circles" (on Limited Edition CD)
    16. "Mesmerizing Chemistry" (on Limited Edition CD)
    17. "Renegade" (on Limited Edition CD)
    18. "Limousine Affair [Arcángel Mix]" (on Limited Edition CD)
    19. "Eyescore" (on Limited Edition CD)
    20. "Dark Eyes" (on Limited Edition CD)
    21. "Divine Filigree" (on Limited Edition CD)
    22. "Lothario" (on Limited Edition CD)


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