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Luxim is a privately owned clean tech company based in Sunnyvale, California, which was founded in 2000.

Luxim manufactures a solid-state electrodeless lamp lighting system. Luxim technology is used in general lighting, entertainment lighting, instrumentation lighting and specialty lighting.

Their light-emitting plasma (LEP) lamp is claimed to be able to operate up to 50% more efficiently than conventional high-intensity discharge lamps (HIDs) while generating the same maintained lumen as a conventional 400-watt system at about half the energy.[citation needed] Luxim's light-emitting plasma is designed to complement LED. LEP is designed for use in high illuminance applications.

In the general lighting market, Luxim offers two products: the STA 41-01 and the STA 41-02. Both systems have a correlated color temperature (CCT) in the 5600–5700 range. The STA 41-01 has a color rendering index (CRI) of 75 and a life of 50,000 hours, the STA 41-02 has a CRI of 95 and a life of 30,000 hours. These products are used in high-illuminance applications such as streets, parking lots, big-box retailers, distribution centers, parks, and sports lighting applications.

Luxim works with a variety of luminare manufactures across the world. Presently, the following luminaire types are available on the market: Cobra head, shoe-box, high bay, low bay, canopy, aquarium, and architectural.[clarification needed]


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