Lyle W. Hillyard

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Lyle W. Hillyard
Member of the Utah Senate
from the 25th district
In office
1984 – present
Personal details
Born (1940-09-25) September 25, 1940 (age 77)
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Alice
Residence Logan, Utah
Occupation Attorney

Lyle W. Hillyard is a Utah politician and an attorney. A Republican, he is a member of the Utah State Senate, representing the state's 25th senate district in Cache and Rich Counties including the city of Logan.

Early life, education, and career[edit]

Hillyard is a graduate of North Cache High School and Utah State University.[1] He also got his J.D. from the University of Utah College of Law.[1] Hillyard is a lawyer by profession.[1] He works at Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen law offices, which has been providing legal representation to clients across northern Utah since the 1960s.[2]

Hillyard is married to his wife Alice and they have 5 Children: Carrie, Holly, Lisa, Matt, and Todd.[3] Hillyard is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon).[3]


  • Cache Chamber of Commerce (past president)
  • Cache County Republican Party (Chair)
  • Utah Education Strategic Planning Commission
  • Utah State Office of Education (vice chair)
  • Utah Highway Patrol (Honorary Colonels )
  • ALEC voted one of eight outstanding state legislators

Political career[edit]

Senator Hillyard was first elected to the House in 1980.[1] He was elected to the Senate in 1984 and has served there since.[1] As a Utah State Senator, Hillyard is well-positioned to influence Utah legislation relating to education and to state revenues. He has won the 2012 American Cancer Society Legislator of the Year, the most effective Republican freshman by the Utah House in 1981 and was named one of eight outstanding legislators by ALEC in 1987.[4] Hillyard is currently the Executive Appropriations Committee Chair and has been since 2009.[5]

In 2016, Senator Hillyard served on the following committees:[6]

  • Executive Appropriations Committee (Senate Chair)
  • Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee
  • Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee


Senator Hillyard is up for reelection and currently has no challengers. He was last elected in 2012 when he ran unopposed.[7]


2016 sponsored bills[edit]

Bill Number Bill Title Bill Status
S.B. 2 Public Education Budget Amendments Governor Item Lined Veto 3/30/2016
S.B. 3 Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Governor Signed 3/30/2016
S.B. 7 National Guard, Veterans' Affairs, and Legislature Base Budget Governor Signed 2/16/2016
S.B 40 Utah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act Amendments Governor Signed 3/18/2016
S.B. 91 Board of Education Amendments Governor Signed 3/23/2016
S.B. 96 Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Parent-time Act Governor Signed 3/25/2016
S.B. 100 Traffic Fines Amendments Senate/Filed for bills not passed 3/10/2016
S.B. 105 Bail Amendments Governor Signed 3/23/2016
S.B. 119 Debt Collection Amendments Governor Signed 3/21/2016
S.B. 179 Uniform Parentage Act Amendments Senate/Filed for bills not passed 3/10/2016
S.B. 180 Optional Tax Increase Amendments Senate/Filed for bills not passed 3/10/2016
S.B. 181 Judiciary Amendments Governor Signed 3/17/2016
S.B. 202 Pre-trial Release Amendments Senate/Filed for bills not passed 3/10/2016
S.B. 206 Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act Revisions Governor Signed 3/16/2016
S.J.R. 8 Joint Rules Resolution on Performance Notes Senate/To Lieutenant Governor 2/29/2016
S.J.R. 9 Joint Rules Resolution on Request for Appropriations Process Change Senate/Filed for bills not passed 3/10/2016


Notable legislation[edit]

In 2014, Senator Hillyard Sponsored S.B. 205 Controlled Substance Penalty Amendment, which made it so that in certain circumstances, those with illegal substances would not be charged with anything more than a second degree felony.[9] This encourages people who are using illegal substances to call 911 if someone with them overdoses or gets hurt without the fear of getting in trouble.[9]


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