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Lynn Truell (born Lynn E. Perko)[1] is a drummer best known for her work with the early American hardcore punk scene band The Dicks, as well as with the alternative rock band Sister Double Happiness and is currently drumming with the indie rock band Imperial Teen.

Truell was born in Palo Alto, California. She spent her teen years in Reno, Nevada where she began her musical career in the nascent punk scene of Reno as the drummer for the all-girl band The Wrecks (1980–1982).

She moved to San Francisco in 1982 and became drummer for a reformation of the hardcore punk band The Dicks along with Gary Floyd, Tim Carroll and Sebastian Fuchs in 1983. They released a few singles including "Peace?" and the 1985 Alternative Tentacles recording These People. The Dicks dissolved in 1986 and Gary Floyd and Lynn Perko went on to co-found Sister Double Happiness, a popular proto-grunge rock band.

Sister Double Happiness released the self-titled Sister Double Happiness (1988, SST), Heart and Mind (1991, Warner Brothers), Uncut (1993, Sub Pop), and Horsey Water (1994, Sub Pop). They disbanded in 1995. Truell went on to form Imperial Teen with Roddy Bottum, Will Schwartz and Jone Stebbins in 1995.

Imperial Teen has two major label releases Seasick (1996, Slash Records), and What Is Not to Love (1999, Slash). They were dropped by their major label and were signed by Merge Records, who released their third album On (2002). This was followed by The Hair the TV the Baby and the Band in 2007 and Feel the Sound in 2013, both also on Merge.

Truell was an iconic figure and a pioneering female in the San Francisco hardcore punk and alternative rock scene of the 80s and 90s.


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