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Lyonbrotherz at Spring Break Europe 2016.jpg
Lyonbrotherz (Daniel Rolletschek (right), Keven Brüffer (left) at Spring Break Europe 2016
Background information
OriginGronau, North Rhine-Westphalia,[1][2] Germany
Years active2015–present
  • I-35 Music
Associated acts
MembersDaniel Rolletschek
Keven Brüffer

Lyonbrotherz is a German DJ and producer duo formed of cousins Daniel Lyon (born Daniel Rolletschek) and Keven Lyon (born Keven Brüffer).[3] Daniel was born in Ahaus, Germany, on 15 July 1990 and Keven was born in Gronau, Germany, on 19 December 1990. Best known for producing EDM and Hip-hop as well as DJ-ing, the cousins are part of the music production team of I-35 Music and founded the two record labels I-35 Music and League of Lyons.[4]


Starting out at the age of 16, Daniel and Keven began as the duo wanted to stay out of trouble and work towards solving their problems. They first wrote rap and Hip-hop lyrics, learning about beats and going on to produce their own as well as national and international artists. Developing their own music skills, Daniel visited one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Germany and encouraged Keven to begin a new chapter in their careers focussed on Electronic dance music (EDM). This was the beginning of Lyonbrotherz.[5]

In early 2016 they founded their own record label named League of Lyons for EDM releases and the sub label I-35 Music for hip hop productions. In May they DJ-ed on the main stage of Springbreak Europe [6] and in July they produced the soundtrack for an advertising campaign of an international fashion Brand.[7] In 2017 the newcomer DJ and producer Greenskiez signed a contract with their record label League of Lyons.[8][9]

Public Image[edit]

Lyonbrotherz support up-and-coming musicians. They are looking to found their own charity to support the deaf, giving them a chance to hear through implants.[10]


Lyonbrotherz live on stage at Hertie tanzt! in Gronau 2017


Title Year Record label Peak positions
Le Luc 2016 I-35 Music
World of Fire 2017 League of Lyons #34 Beatport Charts (Big Room)[11]
Kill 2017 League of Lyons
Identity 2018 League of Lyons
Circles 2018 League of Lyons #27 Beatport Charts (Dance)[12]
Sonic 2018 League of Lyons #55 Beatport Charts (Electro House)[13]
Space (feat. Greenskiez) 2018 League of Lyons #56 Beatport Charts (Big Room)[14]
Liberty 2018 League of Lyons #12 Dance Charts[15]


Title Year Original artist(s) Record label Peak positions
Heaven (Lyonbrotherz & Ascolta Remix) 2016 Crope Golden Finger Records #7 DJ's Magazine Hot Charts
#9 DMC Top50 Deejay
#15 / Top20 Download (World)


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