Lysergic Emanations

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Lysergic Emanations
Lysergic Emanations.jpg
Studio album by The Fuzztones
Released 1985
Genre Garage rock
Label ABC
Producer Elan Portnoy, Rudi Protrudi
The Fuzztones chronology
Lysergic Emanations
Live in Europe!
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Lysergic Emanations is the debut studio album by the American band The Fuzztones, released in 1985.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  • (1985, United Kingdom ABC Records ABCLP4)
  1. "1-2-5" (The Haunted cover)
  2. "Gotta Get Some" (The Bold cover)
  3. "Journey to Tyme" (Kenny and the Kasuals cover)
  4. "Ward 81" (Protrudi)
  5. "Strychnine"
  6. "Radar Eyes" (The Godz cover)
  7. "Cinderella" (The Sonics cover)
  8. "Highway 69" (Chandler, Protrudi)
  9. "Just Once" (Trash, Protrudi)
  10. "She's Wicked" (Chandler, Protrudi)
  11. "As Time's Gone"
  12. "Living Sickness" (The Calico Wall cover)
  1. "Bad News Travels Fast"
  2. "She's Wicked"
  3. "Epitaph for a Head"
  4. "Cinderella"
  • The iTunes release has an outtake of "Green Slime".


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