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Rincón or Mediek
M'diq from above.jpg
Corniche de M'diq 1.JPG
Mediterranean sea from the top of Cabo Negro, Morocco.jpg
View of M'diq
;Mdiq is located in Morocco
Location in Morocco
;Mdiq is located in Africa
;Mdiq (Africa)
Coordinates: 35°41′9″N 5°19′31″W / 35.68583°N 5.32528°W / 35.68583; -5.32528Coordinates: 35°41′9″N 5°19′31″W / 35.68583°N 5.32528°W / 35.68583; -5.32528
Country Morocco
RegionTanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima
 (September 2014)[1]
 • Total56,227
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Rincón, M'Diq or Mediek, in Arabic: المضيق, meaning [the] Strait) is a Mediterranean town in northern Morocco located between Fnideq and Tétouan. It borders Mellaliyine in the south and Allyene in the west. It is the seat of M'diq-Fnideq Prefecture.[2][3]

M'diq covers an area of 480 hectares (1,200 acres), of which 153 hectares (380 acres) is urbanised. It recorded a population of 56,227 in the 2014 Moroccan census[1] and hosts more than 100,000 tourists each year.

SNIM (M'Diq's Sailing Week/Semaine nautique internationale de M'Diq) is one of the most important tourist attractions. It is organised once a year by the M'Diq Royal Yachting Club and sponsored by several commercial firms. It is also significant to all the surrounding socio-cultural activities.

M'Diq's harbour[edit]

The town's harbour is split into two parts: one for tourism and the other for fishing. Both have been expanded recently in order to improve tourist offerings and to increase the harbour's capacity. M'Diq is a popular weekend destination for residents of nearby Ceuta. Boats up to 50 metres long with a depth of nearly five metres can be moored.[4]


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