Mogaligundla Baga Reddy

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Mogaligundla Baga Reddy was an Indian politician who served as a Member of Parliament for 4 terms and as a member of Andhra Pradesh Legislature for 7 times.[1] He was also the speaker of the legislative assembly and a cabinet minister.

Early life and political career[edit]

Reddy was a born on 17 June 1930 in the village of Malchalma, Medak District in India. Born into an agriculture based family, he completed his secondary education in Bidar (Karnataka) and went on to complete his B.A. L.L.B from Osmania University in Hyderabad.He campaigned for Indira Gandhi in Medak district where she was elected as the prime minister of India in the 1980s.[citation needed] He was first elected to the Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly on the Congress party ticket at an age of 26 from the Zaheerabad constituency in Medak District. Since then he has been voted back to the assembly seven consecutive times. Reddy, help key portfolios such as Panchayati Raj, Major Industries and Revenue between 1978 and 1983 when Marri Channa Reddy was at the Chief Minister of the state.