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Mary Rickert
Born (1959-12-11) December 11, 1959 (age 58)
Port Washington, Wisconsin, US
Pen name M. Rickert
Occupation Writer
Nationality American
Genre Science fiction, fantasy

Mary Rickert, known as M. Rickert (born December 11, 1959 in Port Washington, Wisconsin), is an American writer of fantasy fiction. Many of her stories have been published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Her first collection, Map of Dreams, was published by Golden Gryphon Press in 2006; her second collection, Holiday, appeared in 2010 from the same publisher. She lives in Wisconsin.

Rickert's fiction has won or been nominated for several major awards. "Journey into the Kingdom" was nominated for the 2006 Nebula Award for Best Novelette and an International Horror Guild Award, and won the 2007 World Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction.[1] Map of Dreams won the 2007 World Fantasy Award for Best Collection and the 2007 Crawford Award, and the collection's title story was nominated for the 2007 World Fantasy Award for Best Novella. On November 10, 2015, Small Beer Press will publish Rickert's third collection, You Have Never Been Here, containing selected stories from her first two collections, as well as three new stories, one of them a novella.



Rickert, M. (2014). The memory garden. Sourcebooks Landmark. 

Short fiction[edit]

Year Title Identifiers Publisher Notes
2006 Map of Dreams ISBN 1930846444 Golden Gryphon Press Contents: "Map of Dreams", "Dreams: Dreaming of the Sun", "Leda", "Cold Fires", "Angel Face", "Night Blossoms", "Nightmares: Feeding the Beast", "Bread and Bombs", "Art Is Not a Violent Subject", "Anyway", "A Very Little Madness Goes a Long Way", "Waking: What I Saw, When I Looked", "The Girl Who Ate Butterflies", "Many Voices", "More Beautiful Than You", "Peace on Suburbia", "Rising: Flight", "Moorina of the Seals", "The Harrowing", "The Super Hero Saves the World", "The Chambered Fruit"
2010 Holiday ISBN 1930846657 Golden Gryphon Press Contents: "Holiday", "Memoir of a Deer Woman", "Journey into the Kingdom", "The Machine", "Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment: One Daughter's Personal Account", "Don't Ask", "Traitor", "Was She Wicked? Was She Good?", "You Have Never Been Here", "War is Beautiful", "The Christmas Witch"
2015 You Have Never Been Here ISBN 978-1618731104 Small Beer Press Contents: "Memoir of a Deer Woman", "Journey into the Kingdom", "The Shipbuilder", "Cold Fires", "The Corpse Painter's Masterpiece", "The Christmas Witch", "Holiday", "The Chambered Fruit", "The Mothers of Voorhisville", "You Have Never Been Here"
List of stories[2]
Title Year First published Reprinted/collected Notes
The girl who ate butterflies 1999 Rickert, M. (Aug 1999). "The girl who ate butterflies". F&SF.  Rickert, M. (2006). Map of dreams. Golden Gryphon Press. 
Angel Face 2000 Rickert, M. (Jul 2000). "Angel Face". F&SF. 99 (1): 50–55.  Rickert, M. (2006). Map of dreams. Golden Gryphon Press. 



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