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A mat is a piece of fabric or other flat material.

Mat or MAT may also refer to:



  • Mat, a masculine given name - see Matt (name)
  • Ajen Yohl Mat (died 612), ruler of the Maya city-state of Palenque
  • Sak K'uk' or Muwaan Mat, queen of the Maya city-state of Palenque (612-615)
  • Mat Prakash (died 1704), Raja of the Indian kingdom of Sirmur from 1684
  • Charles Mark Anthony Mat Davidson (1869–1949), Australian politician
  • Muhammad Indera or Mat Indera (c. 1920–1953), a Malay communist leader
  • Mat Mathews or Mathieu Hubert Wijnandts Schwarts (1924–2009), Dutch accordionist
  • Mathieu Trésarrieu (born 1986), French motorcycle racer
  • Mat Zo (born 1990), stage name of Matan Zohar


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