MOR Music TV

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MOR Music TV
TypeCable network
Launch date
September 1, 1992[1]
DissolvedAugust 31, 1997

MOR Music TV was an American Cable television network that ran music videos 24 hours a day. However, as it played each music video, viewers had the opportunity to buy the album by calling a toll-free number in the same manner as HSN (Home Shopping Network) or QVC, and was offered to cable systems with the same revenue sharing opportunities for cable operators from album sales as HSN and QVC offered for item sales. The music ranged from light country to soft rock with no hard rock (let alone heavy metal) or rap music.[2]

The network's name has a double meaning - "MOR" refers to both the word "more" as in "more music" but is also an acronym for "middle of the road", referring to its musical format of light AC and country songs.

The channel closed on August 31, 1997.

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