MV Atlantic Freighter

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Suda F6D-55.jpg
Ro-Ro Cargo Pelagitis in Souda (Crete)
  • Pelagitis (2011) [1]
  • Atlantic Freighter (1987–2010)
  • Stena Grecia (1983–1987)
  • Merzario Grecia (1978–1983)
  • Tor Felicia (1978)
Port of registry:
Yard number: 647
Completed: 1978
Notes: [2]
General characteristics
Length: 154 m (505 ft); 143 m (469 ft)
Beam: 21.67 m (71.1 ft)
Draught: 7.319 m (24.01 ft)
Ramps: Stern loading; shore based
Installed power:
  • Two NKK-Pielstick diesel engines
  • 11,638 kW (combined)
Propulsion: Two propellers Bow thruster (1,000 hp)
Speed: 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph)
  • 12 passengers
  • 75 drop trailers (plus tank top)

MV Atlantic Freighter, now known as Pelagitis, is a roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) ferry formerly operated by Marine Atlantic from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Channel-Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, Canada. The vessel was completed in 1978 by Hyundai Shipbuilding Company Limited in and delivered to the Stena Line which operates in Northern Europe.[2][3] She was sold on 12 March 2010 and given her current name Pelagitis.[4]

Throughout her career, the vessel sailed under the names, Merzario Grecia, Stena Grecia, and Tor Felicia.[5]


Loading and unloading the vessel each take over three hours.[6] Eight trailers are loaded at one time using a "yard tractor train system". The vessel represented 19.6 percent of Marine Atlantic's fleet in 2005.

Asbestos risk[edit]

In 1990 asbestos was found in use on the vessel.[7][8] Management made the decision to encapsulate the asbestos. In November 2007, 60 workers on Atlantic Freighter were told they should be tested for asbestos exposure.

Gulf War service[edit]

Atlantic Freighter was chartered by the United States Military Sealift Command in December 1990, and served two supply missions to the Persian Gulf during the Gulf War.[9][10] The vessel was captained by Neil Hillier, and crewed by 25 volunteers. Fisheries and Oceans Minister, Fred Mifflin was credited with five years of efforts to secure the right for the crew to wear the United States Merchant Marine Expeditionary Award.


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