Macedonia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

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Member station MKRTV
National selection events
Participation summary
Appearances 12
First appearance 2003
Best result 5th: 2007, 2008
Worst result Last: 2006, 2013, 2015
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Macedonia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Macedonia, present in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest under the provisional reference of "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", participated at every Junior Eurovision Song Contest since the competition commenced in 2003 and until 2011.

The country's best performance at the contest has been 5th place, achieved twice to date - in 2007 when Macedonia was represented by Rosica Kulakova and Dimitar Stojmenovski with "Ding Ding Dong"; and again in 2008 with Bobi Andonov and "Prati mi SMS". Their worst performance came in 2006, with Zana Aliu coming 15th and last in the contest.

On 13 July 2012, MKRTV confirmed to that Macedonia would withdraw from the contest due to issues with the voting process in the contest and the lack of budget available for participation. However, in 2013 Macedonia announced its return to the competition to be held in Kiev. On 4 September 2014, Macedonia announced its withdrawal from the 2014 event in Malta. Macedonia returned again in 2015.


Table key

 1st place   2nd place   3rd place   Last place 

Year Artist Song Language Place Points
2003 Marija & Viktorija "Ti ne me poznavaš" (Ти не ме познаваш) Macedonian 12 19
2004 Martina Smiljanovska "Zabava" (Забава) Macedonian 7 64
2005 Denis Dimoski "Rodendeski baknež" (Родендески бакнеж) Macedonian 8 68
2006 Zana Aliu "Vljubena" (Вљубена) Macedonian 15 14
2007 Rosica Kulakova & Dimitar Stojmenovski "Ding Ding Dong" (Динг Динг Донг) Macedonian 5 111
2008 Bobi Andonov "Prati mi SMS" (Прати ми СМС) Macedonian 5 93
2009 Sara Markoska "Za ljubovta" (За љубовта) Macedonian 12 31
2010 Anja Veterova "Eooo, Eooo" Macedonian 12 38
2011 Dorijan Dlaka "Zhimi ovoj frak" (Жими овој фрак) Macedonian 12 31
2012 Did not participate
2013 Barbara Popović "Ohrid i muzika" (Охрид и музика) Macedonian 12 19
2014 Did not participate
2015 Ivana Petkovska & Magdalena Aleksovska "Pletenka - Braid of Love" (Плетенка) Macedonian 17 26
2016 Martija Stanojković "Love Will Lead Our Way (Ljubovta ne vodi)" (Љубовта не води) Macedonian, English 12 41


Voting history[edit]

The tables below shows Macedonia's top-five voting history rankings up until their most recent participation in 2016 and takes into account the new voting system which allows the adult and kids juries each to award a set of points, introduced by the European Broadcasting Union from the 2016 contest onwards.[1]


Year(s) Commentator Spokesperson
2003 Milanka Rašik N/A
2006 Denis Dimoski
2007 Mila Zafirović
2008 Ivona Bogoevska Marija Zafirovska
2009 Dime Dimitrovski Jovana Krstevska
2010 Toni Drenkovski
Monika Todorovska
Sara Markoska
2011 Elizabeta Cebova Anja Veterova
2012 No broadcast Did not participate
2013 Tina Teutovic
Spasija Veljanoska
Sofija Spasenoska
2014 No broadcast Did not participate
2015 Tina Tautovic
Spasija Veljanoska
Aleksandrija Čaliovski
2016 Eli Tanaskovska Antonija Dimitrijevska

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