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Madge is a female given name, a short form of Madeline (itself an anglicised version of 'Magdalene'), Marjorie, Jeroen, and Margaret.[1] It is also a male surname common in Southwest England. Madge may refer to:


  • Madge Bellamy (1899-1990), American movie actress born Margaret Derden Philpott
  • Madge Blake (1899-1969), American character actress most famous for her role as Aunt Harriet Cooper on the TV series Batman
  • Madge Evans (born Margherita Evans; 1909-1981), American film actress who began her career as a child actress and model
  • Dame Madge Kendal (1848-1935), English actress and theatre manager
  • Madge Sinclair (1938-1995), Jamaican-born American actress
  • Madge Titheradge (1887-1961), Australian actress


  • Madonna, American singer, actress and activist; known as "Madge" in the British tabloids

In other fields:

  • Madeleine Albright (born 1937), first female Secretary of State in the United States
  • Madge Bester (born 1963), formerly the world's shortest living woman
  • Madeline McDowell Breckinridge (1872–1920), women's suffragette leader and reformer
  • Madge Gill (1882–1961), English outsider and visionary artist
  • Madge Oberholtzer (1896-1925), American woman raped and murdered by the Grand Dragon of the Indiana Klan
  • Margaret and Mary Shelton (1510/15–1570/71), once thought to be sisters, but now believed to be the same person; may have been a mistress of King Henry VIII of England
  • Madge Syers (born Florence Madeline Syers; 1881-1917), British figure skater, first woman to compete at the World Figure Skating Championships
  • Madge Tennent (1889-1972), British-American painter considered the greatest individual contributor to 20th-century Hawaiian art [2]

Fictional characters:


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