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Madigan refers to:


  • Amy Madigan (b. 1950), American actress
  • Betty Madigan (contemporary), American popular singer
  • Cecil Madigan (1889–1947), Australian explorer and geologist
  • Charles Madigan (contemporary), American journalist and editor
  • Colin Madigan (1921-2011), Australian architect
  • Edward Rell Madigan (1936–1994), American politician from Illinois, congressman and Secretary of Agriculture
  • Elvira Madigan (1867–1889), Danish ropedancer and trick rider, eponym of a film
  • Frank Madigan (contemporary), American law enforcement officer in the 1960s in California
  • Kathleen Madigan (b. 1965), American television comedian
  • Lisa Madigan (b. 1966), American politician from Illinois, Illinois state Attorney General, daughter of Michael Madigan
  • Michael Madigan (b. 1942), American politician from Illinois, Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives
  • Robert Madigan (1942-2006), American politician from Illinois, Illinois State Senator
  • Slip Madigan (Edward Patrick Madigan) (1896–1966), American college football player at Notre Dame University