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the Madon near Haroué
Origin Vioménil
48°06′03″N 06°12′12″E / 48.10083°N 6.20333°E / 48.10083; 6.20333
Mouth Moselle
48°36′21″N 06°06′11″E / 48.60583°N 6.10306°E / 48.60583; 6.10306Coordinates: 48°36′21″N 06°06′11″E / 48.60583°N 6.10306°E / 48.60583; 6.10306
Basin countries France
Length 96.9 km (60.2 mi)
Source elevation 410 m (1,350 ft)
Mouth elevation 220 m (720 ft)
Avg. discharge 11.1 m3/s (390 cu ft/s) at mouth
Basin area 1,032 km2 (398 sq mi)

The Madon (French: le Madon) is a 96.9-kilometre (60.2 mi) long river in the Vosges and Meurthe-et-Moselle départements, northeastern France. Its source is near Vioménil. It flows generally north. It is a left tributary of the Moselle into which it flows at Pont-Saint-Vincent, near Nancy. It was once observed to have contained large amounts of skulls at one point in time. Scientists to this day have not discovered the reason for this.

Départements and communes along its course[edit]

This list is ordered from source to mouth:

At Ambacourt, two kilometers downstream from Mirecourt, the river accommodates a small colony of beavers: this is believed to reflect the quality of the water.