Maerua Mall

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Maerua Mall
General information
Town or city Windhoek
Country  Namibia
Technical details
Floor area 54,128 m2 (582,630 sq ft)

The Maerua Mall is a shopping complex in Windhoek, Namibia. Expanded to more than double its original size in 2006, Maerua Mall is now the largest shopping mall in Namibia and contains a number of retail outlets, including Ackermans, @home, FNB, and Total Sports. Along with Wernhil Park Mall, the two malls are the largest formal shopping venues in Namibia.[1][2]

Maerua mall lies opposite Centaurus High School in Windhoek. It is currently the most popular mall in Namibia. It is the only mall in Namibia which contains a cinema and a Virgin Active gym. Maerua has various restaurants including Spur, Wimpy, Mugg and Bean and Dulce Cafe.


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Coordinates: 22°35′01″S 17°05′37″E / 22.58361°S 17.09361°E / -22.58361; 17.09361