Mafalda of Portugal (daughter of Afonso Henriques)

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For the daughter of Sancho I and Queen consort of Castile, see Mafalda of Portugal.
Infanta Mafalda
D. Mafalda, Infanta de Portugal - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png
Mafalda in Genealogy of the Kings of Portugal (António de Holanda, 1530–1534)
Born 1153[1]
Died after 1162
House House of Burgundy
Father Afonso I
Mother Matilda of Savoy
Religion Roman Catholicism

Mafalda of Portugal (1153,[1][2] Coimbra – after 1162) was a Portuguese infanta, the fourth legitimate child and third daughter of Afonso Henriques (the first king of Portugal) and his wife Mafalda of Savoy.[1][2]

In January 1160, her father and Ramón Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona, negotiated the marriage of Mafalda to Alfonso, future King Alfonso II of Aragon[3][4] who at that time was three or four years old. After the death of Ramón Berenguer IV in the summer of 1162, King Ferdinand II of León convinced his widow, Queen Petronilla, to cancel the infante's wedding plans with Mafalda and for Alfonso to marry instead Sancha, daughter Alfonso VII of León and his second wife Queen Richeza of Poland.[5]

This did not compromise the establishment of long-lived good relations between Portugal and Aragon, since Mafalda's younger brother Infante Sancho (future Sancho I of Portugal) would marry Dulce Infanta of Aragon, sister of Alfonso II in 1174.[6][7]



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