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This article is about the Oakwood mutineers. For other uses, see Magdalo.
Magdalo Group
Also known as Bagong Katipuneros
(lit. New Katipuneros)
Country Philippines
Leader(s) Antonio Trillanes IV
Dates of operation c. 2003 (2003)–2008 (2008)
Succeeded by Samahang Magdalo
Motives Overthrow of then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Ideology Conservatism
Filipino nationalism
Political position Right-wing
Notable attacks Oakwood mutiny (2004)
Manila Peninsula siege (2007)

Magdalo was a group of dissident soldiers who staged the unsuccessful Oakwood mutiny. Made up of junior officers of all branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, they took over the Oakwood Premier Ayala Center in Makati and demanded the resignation of senior officers in the AFP and members of the Arroyo government, including the President herself. The group called themselves "Bagong Katipuneros"[1] (Filipino, "The New Katipuneros"), however, the local press continues calling them the Magdalo group.

On August 30, 2007, the Philippine National Police went on alert against an alleged Magdalo recruitment try in Bicol, targeting the Army's 9th Infantry Division. The effort is allegedly related to destabilization efforts for the forthcoming promulgation by the Sandiganbayan on the plunder case of former President Joseph Estrada.[2]

Samahang Magdalo[edit]

Main article: Samahang Magdalo

The Samahang Magdalo is a civilian volunteer group launched by the Magdalo group in 2008. The group uses social networking websites such as Friendster and Facebook to recruit supporters across the Philippines.[3]

2010 Philippine elections[edit]

Although not an official political party, most of the Magdalo members support Manny Villar, Presidential standard-bearer of the Nacionalista Party and Senator Manuel Roxas II, Vice-Presidential candidate of the Liberal Party.[4] However, the group’s support for Villar's presidency runs counter to Brig. General Danilo Lim, who had been adopted and supported by the Liberal Party, which is fielding Roxas and Senator Benigno Aquino III.


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