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Magix Software
Company typeGmbH
IndustryVideo, Music, Photo Software
Key people
Denis Burger (CEO)
Jan Gackenholz (CFO & COO)
Hagen Hirche (CTO)
Sven Kardelke (CPO DIY Video/Photo)
Gary Rebholz (CPO PRO Video)
Thomas Wolf (CPO PRO Audio)
Johannes Ernst(CPO DIY Audio)
ProductsVegas Pro
Sound Forge
Acid Pro
Magix Music Maker
Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix (or MAGIX Software) is a German software company specializing in video editing, audio editing, DAW and photo slideshow software.[1] The company is based in Berlin, with locations in Madison, Wisconsin, Dresden and Lübbecke, as well as Huizen in the Netherlands.[2]

In May 2018, private equity firm Capiton announced that it had acquired a majority stake in Magix Software GmbH together with its management.[3][4]

Product history[edit]

In 1994, the first edition of Magix Music Maker was released, that has now become one of the most widely used music making software globally with over 2 million users.[5] Starting in 1996, the Magix product range was extended to include software for designing, editing, presenting and archiving photos and videos. Magix products and services were first offered in other European countries and the USA starting in 1997.[citation needed]

In 1997, the first video editing software by the company, Magix Movie Edit Pro (also known as "Magix Video Deluxe" in Europe) was released in 1997, and today ranks among world's best software for semi-professional and DIY users.[6] Soon after in 2002, the first version of Magix Photos on CD & DVD (now known as "Magix Photostory Deluxe") was released – ranked as world's best software in 2018 by TopTenreviews [7] for creating photo slideshow.

In November 2008, Magix launched the knowledge community magix.info[8] as an independent community for experts on the topics of video editing, music production and photo editing.

In May 2016, Magix acquired Vegas Pro, Movie Studio, Sound Forge and ACID Pro from the Sony Creative Software product range.[9]

Magix also released software for VR video editing (including a free VR player app [10]) and Android mobile apps (Camera MX,[11] Acid Beatbox,[12] Looply[13] for music, video editing and animation for younger audience.

Product Overview[edit]

Video Editing
Video Pro X
Magix Movie Edit Pro (Video Deluxe)
Vegas Movie Studio
Video easy
Music Production & Editing
Music Maker
Music Maker Jam
Photo & Graphic Designing
Photo Manager Deluxe
Photostory Deluxe
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer
Page & Layout Designer
Designer Pro X
Web Designer

Management Team[edit]

  • Denis Burger (CEO) [14]
  • Jan Gackenholz (CFO & COO) [14]
  • Hagen Hirche (CTO) [14]
  • Jeffrey Krebs (CPO) [14]


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