Magnanime-class ship of the line

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Class overview
Name: Magnanime
Builders: Toulon
Operators:  French Navy
Completed: 2
General characteristics
Class and type: Magnanime class ship of the line
Displacement: 1800 tonnes
Length: 55.6 metres
Beam: 14.3 metres
Draught: 6.8 metres
Propulsion: Sail
Armour: Timber

The Magnanime class was a class of two 74-gun ships of the line built for France in the late 1770s. They were designed by Jean-Denis Chevillard, and both were constructed at Rochefort Dockyard.

Builder: Rochefort Dockyard
Ordered: 1778
Begun: October 1778
Launched: 27 August 1779
Completed: December 1779
Fate: Decommissioned in 1792 at Brest, broken up in 1793
Builder: Rochefort Dockyard
Ordered: 1778 or 1779
Begun: August 1779
Launched: 23 February 1781
Completed: March 1781
Fate: Renamed Mucius Scévola in January 1791, shortened to Scévola in February 1791, and cut down (raséed) to a 50-gun "heavy" frigate between August 1793 and February 1794. Wrecked in a storm on 16 December 1796 during the attempted invasion of Ireland.


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