Mahamanina Falls

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Mahamanina Falls
Mahamanina Falls is located in Madagascar
Mahamanina Falls
Location Ambanja, Diana, Madagascar
Coordinates 14°08′00″S 48°45′00″E / 14.1333°S 48.75°E / -14.1333; 48.75Coordinates: 14°08′00″S 48°45′00″E / 14.1333°S 48.75°E / -14.1333; 48.75
Total height 60 m
Watercourse Mirahavavyse River

The Mahamanina Falls is a 60 meter high waterfall in the region of Diana in the north of Madagascar. It is located 15 km from Ambanja via Route nationale 6. Two more falls are situated on the Mirahavavyse River at 14 km on the road to Sambirano.