Maid in England

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Maid in England
Studio album by Divine
Released 1988
Genre Hi-NRG
Label Bellaphon
Producer Barry Evangeli, Colin Peter, Nick Titchener, Pete Waterman, Ian Penman,
Divine chronology
The Story So Far
Maid in England

Maid in England is the fourth and final studio album by the American drag queen Divine. It contains 12 songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Divine's Theme" (Colin Peter, Ian Penman, Nick Titchener)
  2. "You Think You're a Man" (Geoffrey Deane)
  3. "Give It Up" (Paul Klein, Philip Walsh)
  4. "I'm So Beautiful" (Mike Stock, Matt Aitken)
  5. "Show Me Around" (Philip Walsh)
  6. "Walk Like a Man" (Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio)
  7. "Twistin' the Night Away" (Sam Cooke)
  8. "Good Time '88" (Colin Peter, Nick Titchener)
  9. "Hard Magic (Magic Mix)" (Mick Flinn, Nick Titchener, Pete Ware, Peter Morris)
  10. "Little Baby" (Bruce Woolley, Richard Underwood)
  11. "Hey You!" (Francis Usmar, Steve Johnston)
  12. "Divine Reprise" (Colin Peter, Ian Penman)
  13. "Hey You!" [Trumpet Mix] (Nick Titchener)


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