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Monumental tower of Mayilam Murugan Temple
Mayilam Murugan Temple

Mayilam [1] (Tamil: மயிலம்) or Mailam is a village near Tindivanam and it is famous for the Mayilam Murugan Temple.

Mayilam is located fifteen kilometres from Tindivanam and thirty from Pondicherry. The temple, situated on a small hill, is connected with a village on the Coromandel coast, Bomayapalaiyam, very near Pondicherry, where a Vera Saiva mutt is found. According to the name, bomma or bomme, derived from brāhmana. This was a village donated to Brahmans, as is confirmed by the sthala purā which Bomayapalaiyam is also named Brahmapuram.

The legend of this kshetra begins with the end of Surapadma’s atrocious rule and his tearful appeal to Lord to accept him as his mount. According to sthalapurana, Surapadma, though fought against Muruga with all his might combining the tactile of asuramayopaya, was routed in the end. When he was about be slain, he appealed to the Lord to accept him as his vehicle, and he would serve him with fidelity.

Moved by the tearful appeals, the Lord ordered him to do meditation with great steadfastness taking the shape of peacock (Mayil in Tamil) on the bank of Varaha near Mayilamalai. Nodding, he continued his appeal to the Lord to dwell for ever on the same hill. It was granted. Thus came into existence this Mayilamalai and the place called Mayilam, for short. The temple atop the hill was built by Pommayapuram, Mathadhipathi on a scale grand and maintenance commendable. The Mutt established at the foot of the hill is attending to the temple administration in an exemplary manner providing conveniences to the visiting public. [2]

Reaching Temple[edit]

Entrance of the temple

To reach the temple on the top of the hill we can climb by foot steps by bare foot(750 meters) or by the vehicle (1 km or 2 km).

Shops on the way to Hill[edit]

Shops on the way to Mayilam temple

There are more than few hundred shops on the way to climb the hill. Where we can buy holy things for pooja, holy threads, toys, hats. Even there are few hotels are there on the foot of the hill.

View from the hill[edit]

View from temple

From the temple whole town will be visible.

About tonsure[edit]

Tonsure Place

We can also Tonsure. For that the we have to buy token for Rupees 5/- (INR) plus we have to pay some amount around Rupees 50/- (INR) to the person who helps to offer Tonsure.

About pond[edit]

Temple Pond ( more than 1000 years older)

This pond is mentioned that it is more than 1000years old. In this pond Balasiddhar took holy dip.



By air[edit]

Pondicherry Airport(PNY) is a nearest airport located around 30 kilometer away from Mayilam.

The airports at Tiruchirapalli (205 km) and Chennai (130 km) are the nearest airports from Mayilam. From Tiruchirapalli, Indian Airlines flights can be taken to Chennai (Madras). Chennai is connected to all the major cities in India and abroad through regular flights.

By rail[edit]

Mayilam is located on the Chennai–Tindivanam main line of the Southern Railway. Code no: MTL.

Mayilam Railway Station handles over 8 trains daily (up/down) and serves about 12,000 passengers every day. There are about 4 trains which start/pass from Mayilam Railway Station and are displayed below.

Train No. Train Name From To 56041 Tpty Pdy Pass Tirupati Pondicherry 66045 Mlmr Vm Passr Melmaruvathur Villupuram Jn 66046 Vm Mlmr Passr Villupuram Jn Melmaruvathur 56042 Pdy Tpty Pondicherry Tirupati 16186 Velankanni Express

It is also connected with Tiruchirapalli, Chennai, Madurai (335 km), Rameswaram (575 km), Bangalore (340 km), Varanasi 2371 km, and Stirrup (290 km). The following trains stops and goes via Tindivanam railway station

16176 Karaikkal Chennai Exp, 16180 Mannai Express Exp, 16780 Rameswaram - Tirupat, 16702 Rameswaram-Chennai Exp, 16701 Boat Mail Express Exp, 16179 Mannai Express Exp, 22624 Madurai-Chennai, 22623 Chennai Egmore-Maduri SF 16175 Chennai Egmore-Karaikal Exp 16736 Tiruchendur - Chennai Exp 56874 Mayiladuthurai Villupuram Pass 14259 Rameswaram-Varanasi Exp 56513 Nagore-Bangalore Pass 17408 Pamani Express Exp 56873 Villupuram Mayiladuthurai Pass 16854 Tiruchirappalli-Chen Exp 16853 Chennai Egmore-Tirchy Exp 14260 Varanasi-Rameswaram Exp 56878 Mayiladuthurai-Villupuram Pass 56514 Bangalore Nagore Pass 17407 Pamani Express Exp 56877 Villupuram-Mayiladuthurai Pass 16735 Chennai Egmore Tiruchy 16779 Tirupati - Rameswaram

By road[edit]

There are frequent bus services available to Various places in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Pondicherry states from Tindivanam (kooteripattu) Non-stop bus services and express bus services are also available to major cities like Chennai.


Mayilam is one of the important tourist centres of Murugan devotees; in Tamil Nadu and its tourism highlights the beautiful temples in the city. While Mayilam is most famous for the Mayilam temple.

Temples in/around Mayilam (location):

  • Thiruvikrama swamy temple, Tirukoilur
  • Vakara Kaliamman & Chandramowleeswarar Temple, Thiruvakkarai (12 Km from Mayilam)
  • Koovagam Temple, Koovagam
  • Pazhamalai nathar temple, Vridhachalam
  • Achirupakkam Aatcheswarar temple,Achirupakkam
  • Sivapuri is a holy village located around 3.7 km away from Chidambaram.
  • Sirai meetta Vinayagar Temple (West Car Street)
  • Kothandaramar Temple (West Car Street)
  • Anandheeswaran Temple (Anandheeswaran Koil Street)
  • Thagam Theertha Pillayar Temple (Thagam Theertha Pillayar Koil Street)
  • Elamayakkinar Temple (Elamayakkinar Koil Street)
  • Nataraja Temple (East Car Street)
  • Anjaneyar Temple (East Car Street)
  • Selliamman Temple (Sunnambukkara Street)
  • Kamatchiamman Temple (Kamatchiamman Koil Street)
  • Keezhatheru Mariamman Temple (Mariamman Koil Street)
  • Mariamman Temple (Nethaji Street)
  • Thillaikaliamman Temple (Thillaikaliamman Koil Street)
  • Drowpathiamman Temple (Drowpathiamman Koil Street)

Other locations of interest:


Schools in Mayilam:

  • Sivaprakasar school
  • Aided HSS, Mayilam
  • Nehru Mat. Hs Mayilam
  • PUMS Mayilam
  • PUPS Keezhmayilam
  • Sri Ramakrishna Primary Mayilam (SRV)
  • B.W.D.A Nursery and Primary school
  • S.S. High School

Other colleges: Srimath Sivanana Balaya Swamigal Tamil Arts & Science college S.S. Tamil college Mayilam Engineering college Mayilam arts and science college


Banks in Mayilam[edit]

State Bank of India


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