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Makhuzai was the oldest tehsile of Swat in the ruling days of Wali Swat (king of Swat), but it is now sub-tehsil of Tehsil Puran District Shangla, Pakistan. Chawaga is the best known village of Makhuzai, in Chawaga there is a fort, which was built in the ruling days of Wali Swat, here in this fort all the disputes among the local people would be solved and the official tasks handled.....These people fought against the troops of the late King Wali Swat and were defeated due to their internal conflicts by Wali Swat troops. It is situated at a riverside. Makhuzai's border meets with Chaghar Zee Buner and Jambeel kokarai Swat.

Makhozai includes three areas: Chawage, Ismail Kheel, and Mosa Kheel. Chawaga is the main market of Makhuzai and all roads go through this village.

Ismail Kheel is the large and open area of Makhuzai the union council Ismail Kheel is surrounding by small villages e.g. Kuzpow, Sangrai, Barjo Kani, Marigzi, Shahi Dara Gharai, Braim, Gumbath, Dehran Sar, Karorai, Mainai etc (Added By Asghar Khan Dehran Sar).

Village Baina is the last village of tehsil Makhuzi towards the south and connected with tehsil Chagharzi of District Buner through a Pass Called "Muslim Kandaw" Pass. The old name of this pass was "Hindwanu Kandaw", which renamed by the leader of Shangla Shaheed Pir Muhammad Khan, former Minister and MPA of this region. Village Baina is surrounding by small villages Mahallas named, Faiza, Lochana, mora, Mailaga, Kas, Seeroghoz, Faroqay, Shir Mumaad, Kagore, Kocha, Bostani Bandah, Jamalay, Asaan Karin, Gagar, Kandro Mora, Danda and Kuand. Mahallah Faiza is a small area having population of 40 to 50 homes. Baina Valley is situated beneath the high mountains of Kagal, Mangro Sar, Wara Sar, Baga Banre, Doop Sar. The history of this village is very ancient; the area was occupied by Hindus in the past and there are still some marks showing that history. Muslim conqueror Akhund Baba attacked this region and thus he established a Muslim society there.