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Tehsil and village
Martung is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 34°40′44″N 72°44′42″E / 34.67889°N 72.74500°E / 34.67889; 72.74500
Country  Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Shangla District

Martung, Mārtung or Martoong (Urdu: مارتونگ‎) is a highland village and sub tehsil of Shangla District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan included in Puran Subdivision. Central Martung (Koozkalai) is 982 m above sea level.,[1][2] Being hilly area, some parts of Martung are even more than 1800 m above mean sea level. Alogai is a place with scattered population in Martung having an altitude of 1641 meters.[3]


Population and literacy[edit]

The population of the Tehsil is more than 85000 persons. It was about 79000 according to 1998 census.[4] The central town Koozkalai has an approximate population of 6500+ persons. Literacy rate in Martung is very low; less than 7% for male and less than 1% for female on the average. This figure is a little high for larger villages like Kabalgram, Koozkalai, Shaga, Karindara and Manzkalai. There was only one secondary school for boys in the area till 2006, and a few middle and primary schools for both boys and girls. Number of students and level of education both are very much below standards in all the educational institutes. [2]

Earthquake in 2005[edit]

Martung was hit by severe earthquake on October 8, 2005 resulting in scores of casualties and leaving hundreds of people homeless.

Martung and Taliban[edit]

The terrorist Taliban movement in 2007-09 affected Martung like all other surrounding areas. People of Martung were not displaced and they did not face shelling from the security forces, but they spent their lives for months in intense fear and feeling of insecurity as the war was expected to reach the area. They also faced shortage of food and other necessary items of daily life, lack of medicine, unavilability of communication means etc. due to blockage of roads and operation in Mingora and Buner. Taliban have no support from the local people of Martung and that's why they could not succeed to carry out their activities here.

A hardliner Islamic cleric and former politico-religious personality of Kabalgram Maulana Waliullah had ties with the Taliban and thus they had a few supporters in Kabalgram and Behar villages. Being local and belonging to a notable clan in the area, Waliullah could not support Taliban openly in the duration they were fighting against Pakistan army in Swat and Buner. He played a dual role and tried to mediate between Taliban and the people of Martung, Puran and Chakesar. He had, however, been providing shelter and way of exit to those Taliban who succeeded to reach Kabalgram from Buner via Martung. Waliullah was respected by all the leaders of Taliban including Maulana Fazlullah as a teacher and powerful supporter of their movement. He thus managed to keep Taliban away from Martung till start of June 2009. In early June 2009 when weakened in Swat and Buner, some Taliban moved to Yakhtangay in Puran tehsil and some areas of Martung adjuscent to Buner. Sensing threat to his life from both the local anti Taliban people and the army, Waliullah surrendered himself to security forces just after they entered Martung. [3] He was released by Pakistan Army for a few days in July, 2010 and re-arrested shortly afterwards. He died on December 7, 2010 in the custody of the security forces. During his captivity, the army presented him a few times before media. [4] Every time he spoke in favour of the army and their operation against the terrorists.

Taliban have apparently no roots in Martung. No one can openly support Taliban or even talk in their favour. Some events, however, prove their hidden existence in the region. In November 2012, a bomb attack on police van killed a cop and injured four more at Martung.[5]. On 12 January 2014, convoy of Amir Muqam, Senior Vice President PML-N and Adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was targeted by a bomb blast at Martung killing six people including five policemen; luckily Amir Muqam had a narrow escape.[6][7]. Two brothers were arrested from Martung in November 2011 for having an apparent link with Osama Bin Laden and his stay at Abbottabad . [8]. Similarly, the suicide bomber who attacked Superintendent of Police (SP) Crime Investigation Department (CID) Chaudhry Aslam in Karachi on January 9 2014 is said to be from Kabalgram, Martung. [9][10]

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Coordinates: 34°40′44″N 72°44′42″E / 34.67889°N 72.74500°E / 34.67889; 72.74500


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