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The first evidence of Maldivian literature is known as Lōmāfānu (copper-plate grants) from the 12th century. Lōmāfānu is in the oldest known written form of Maldivian.

Starting of modern era[edit]

Husain Salaahuddheen wrote Siyarathunnabaviyyaa which is the most famous religious literature in modern days. The poet Addu Bandeyri Hasan Manikufaan ranks as the most important major littérateur in the Maldivian language. Addu Bandeyri Hasan Manikufaan wrote Dhiyoage Raivaru.

Other prominent poets include Edhuru Umaru Maafaiy Kaleygefaanu, Mohamed Amin, and Assayyidhu Bodufenvalhugey Seedhee (Bodufenvalhuge Sidi).

Maldivian authors[edit]