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Mali i Lopës, meaning 'Cow's Mountain' in English, is a mountain found in eastern Albania in the Dibër County. At a height of 2,020 m (6,627 ft)[1] above sea level, Mali i Lopës is the highest point of the commune of Martanesh and whole Bulqizë district.[2] Most of the mountain is covered in lush woodland while there are some patches of grass mainly on the mountain's western slopes.


Mali i Lopës is situated in central east Albania, far from any large city of the country. Nevertheless, two new urban settlements, established as mining towns, lie on the slopes of the mountain. Bulqiza, which is located north of the mountain and Krasta, lying on the eastern slope of Mali i Lopës.[1]

Nearest villages to the mountain include:

  • Plani i Bardhë
  • Tërnovë
  • Fushë-Bulqizë
  • Valikardhë


Mali i Lopës contains the largest mountain lakes in Albania. There are about 5 lakes with a length of more than 400 m (1,312 ft) and a number of smaller ones with a length of 200–400 m (656–1,312 ft). The largest of these lakes is Sope Lake, the largest mountain lake in Albania, with a length of 880 m (2,887 ft) and a width of 730 m (2,395 ft).

List of lakes on Mali i Lopës:

English - Albanian

  • Sope Lake - Liqeni i Sopës
  • White Lake - Liqeni i Bardhë
  • Sopot Lake - Liqeni i Sopotit
  • Black Lake - Liqeni i Zi
  • Koces Lake - Liqeni i Kocesit


Mali i Lopës is the source of some early tributaries for the Black Drin and Mat River.


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Coordinates: 41°27′58″N 20°14′28″E / 41.466°N 20.241°E / 41.466; 20.241