Mamare Touno

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Mamare Touno
Native name 橙乃 ままれ
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Novelist
Known for Log Horizon, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Mamare Touno (橙乃 ままれ, Tōno Mamare), real name Daisuke Umezu (梅津 大輔, Umezu Daisuke)[1] is a Japanese author of the light novels and manga. He has written the series Log Horizon and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, both series have been adapted into anime. He is also the author of a manga series titled Trattoria After School (放課後のトラットリア, Hōkago no Trattoria).

In 2015 Touno was charged with tax evasion for reportedly violating the Corporate Tax Law. Reports claim that Touno: "allegedly failed to file 120 million yen (around US$996,438) in royalties from the printed versions of his MAOYU and Log Horizon novels for his income tax report in a three-year period ending last year. According to the prosecutor's office, Touno owes the Japanese government 30 million yen (around US$249,114) in taxes."[2] Some time after, the author apologized to his fans and stated in his official website that he filed and paid back his taxes, concluding the investigation.[3]


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