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Man From 1997 is a time travel episode of the 1956–57 anthology television series Conflict directed by Roy del Ruth, produced by Roy Huggins, written by James Gunn from a story by Alfred Bester, and starring Jacques Sernas, Charles Ruggles, Gloria Talbott and James Garner. The music was written by David Buttolph and the cinematographer was Ted D. McCord. The show was originally telecast on November 27, 1956 and a kinescope of the broadcast currently exists.


The plot involves a 1997 Almanac turning up forty years before it could possibly exist, leaving an immigrant living in a basement while attempting to kindle a romance with a beautiful woman in his building, ultimately facing a difficult decision when he realizes what he's accidentally found. Ruggles portrays an elderly librarian from the future struggling to retrieve the almanac.


Producer Roy Huggins discussed his amazement at Garner's comedic performance as a gambler in a role not specifically written to be comical in his Archive of American Television interview, citing Garner's facial expressions as the reason for casting the actor in his Maverick television series the following year.


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