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The Tank in May 2016

The Mandela Way T-34 Tank is a tank located on a small piece of scrubland on the corner of Mandela Way and Pages Walk in Bermondsey, London, England.[1] The tank is a decommissioned Soviet T-34-85 battle tank.

It is a former Czech army tank that was used in the filming of Richard III (1995). It was bought in 1995 by Russell Gray, who lives nearby, for £7,000 then installed in its current location.[2] The tank was the subject of a work by Cubitt Artists and Aleksandra Mir who painted it pink in 2002.[3] It has since been repainted by artists (and also graffitied) many times. In 2009, a company called Graffiti4hire transformed the tank's livery into that of a yellow cab.[citation needed]

Similar graffitied tanks[edit]

There are also T-64 and T-72 tanks that have been graffitied in a hippie manner at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Kiev, Ukraine.[citation needed]

The Monument to Soviet tank crews was a memorial located in Prague, Czech Republic, made up of an IS-2m tank on a pedestal. In 1991, the artist David Cerny painted the tank pink and hoisted a large middle finger over the turret in protest against the controversial monument. The monument was later removed and the tank is now stored at a military museum, painted pink.[citation needed]


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