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Manolya Onur (formerly "Her Imperial and Exalted Highness" Princess Qhabl Begum Sahiba Manolya-i-Nur, Imperial Princess of the Ottoman Empire and Princess of Berar) (born 1955) competed in the Miss Turkey pageant in 1976 and represented Turkey in the 1976 Miss Universe beauty pageant. She was the third wife of Mukarram Jah, Nizam of Hyderabad. She was also a granddaughter-in-law of Sultan Abdülmecid II. [1]

Manolya had a career as a model from 1976 to 1978. She spent six years in France studying English, French, German as well as the History of Art at the Sorbonne University, France. She is former wife of Süha Özgermi.

Manolya married Mukarram Jah in August 1990 at Ciragan Palace, Hyderabad and became a princess styled as H.E.H. Manolya-i-Nur Begum Sahiba. She lived in India and Australia during her marriage. Their daughter Nilufer (named after Princess Niloufer) was born in 1991.[2] Nizam divorced Manolya in 1993 at Geneva, Switzerland. After her divorce, Manolya moved back to Turkey and since then she has been living in Istanbul and working for charitable institutions such as the Osteoporosis Patient Society of Turkey.


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