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Marc Lackenby is a professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford whose research concerns knot theory, low-dimensional topology, and group theory.

Lackenby studied mathematics at the University of Cambridge beginning in 1990, and earned his Ph.D. in 1997, with a dissertation on Dehn Surgery and Unknotting Operations supervised by W. B. R. Lickorish.[1] After positions as Miller Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley and as Research Fellow at Cambridge, he joined Oxford as a Lecturer and Fellow of St Catherine's in 1999. He was promoted to Professor at Oxford in 2006.[2]

Lackenby's research contributions include a proof of a strengthened version of the 2π theorem on sufficient conditions for Dehn surgery to produce a hyperbolic manifold,[L00] a bound on the hyperbolic volume of a knot complement of an alternating knot,[L04] and a proof that every diagram of the unknot can be transformed into a diagram without crossings by only a polynomial number of Reidemeister moves.[L15]

Lackenby won the Whitehead Prize of the London Mathematical Society in 2003.[3] In 2006, he won the Philip Leverhulme Prize in mathematics and statistics.[4] He was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2010.[5]

Selected publications[edit]

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L15. Lackenby, Marc (2015), "A polynomial upper bound on Reidemeister moves", Annals of Mathematics, Second Series, 182 (2): 491–564, arXiv:1302.0180Freely accessible, doi:10.4007/annals.2015.182.2.3, MR 3418524 .


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