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Marcano family name originated in Spain. The Italian version of this surname is "Marciano". It was a military family that came to the New World with Christopher Columbus. The Family later grew and spread throughout the Caribbean, where the surname became rooted in the countries of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Venezuela (Margarita Island) and eventually Trinidad & Tobago.

The Marcano Brothers (Cuba)[edit]

  • Francisco Marcano-Alvarez born 1833. He was made a Brigadier General of the Cuban liberation army by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes.
  • Felix Maria Marcano-Alvarez born 12 September 1841. He was a Coronel in the Cuban liberation army. He married Domitila Cruz and had two daughters, Josefa Antonia (who only lived 3 years) and María Mercedes Cristina Marcano-Cruz (1892–1993).
  • Gabriel Marcano-Alvarez born in 1840. He fought with the Cuban troops near Havana. He married Elvira Ayala Zayas-Bazan in 1873 in Havana, Cuba and they had six daughters, Maria de las Mercedes, Luisa Maria, Maria de Jesus, Elvira Maria, Virginia Maria, and Mercedes Cristina Marcano-Ayala (who married Alonso del Portillo-del Junco).
  • Luis Geronimo Marcano-Alvarez born 29 Sept 1831 in Bani, Dominican Republic. Was Promoted to General i the Cuban Liberation Army, married Lorenza Diaz and died in Manzanillo Cuba in March 12, 1870.

There is a street in Bayamo, Cuba named Calle Hermanos Marcano.


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