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Marcialonga '11 - AHRLIN E SVÄRD (5403536299).jpg
Swedes Jerry Ahrlin and Oskar Svärd duelling in the 2011 men's edition
Status active
Genre sporting event
Date(s) last Sunday of January
Frequency annual
Country Italy
Inaugurated 1973 (1973)
1978 (1978)

Marcialonga is a cross-country ski race which is arranged for the last Sunday in January in Trentino in Italy. It was first held in 1971 and has been a part of Worldloppet as long as Worldloppet has been around.[1] In 2007, it was run for the 34th time.

The run begins in Moena, where the skiers first go further up Fassa Valley and along Canazei, passing Moena on its way alongside Cavalese in the Fiemme Valley.

Marcialonga runs in classic style, and is 70 km long, but in 2007, 2015 and 2017, it was shortened to 57 km due to snow problems. In 1975, 1989 and 1990 it was cancelled due to the total lack of snow on the track. A short race, Marcialonga light is 45 km, and goes from Moena to Predazzo.

Maria Canins won from 1979 until 1988 10 times the Marcialonga.



Year Name Nation
1971 Ulrico Kostner Italy Italy
1972 Pauli Siitonen Finland Finland
1973 Lars Arne Bölling Sweden Sweden
1974 Magnar Lundemo Norway Norway
1975 Cancelled
1976 Tonino Biondini Italy Italy
1977 Jean-Paul Pierrat France France
1978 Ulrico Kostner Italy Italy
1979 Jorma Kinnunen Finland Finland
1980 Ivan Garanin Soviet Union Soviet Union
1981 Sven-Åke Lundbäck Sweden Sweden
1982 Dag Atle Bjørkheim Norway Norway
1983 Walter Mayer Austria Austria
1984 Bengt Hassis Sweden Sweden
1985 Giorgio Vanzetta Italy Italy
1986 Maurilio De Zolt Italy Italy
1987 Anders Blomquist Sweden Sweden
1988 Albert Walder Italy Italy
1989 Cancelled
1990 Cancelled
1991 Maurilio De Zolt Italy Italy
1992 Maurilio De Zolt Italy Italy
1993 Michail Botvinov Austria Austria
1994 Johann Mühlegg Germany Germany
1995 Hervé Balland France France
1996 Maurizio Pozzi Italy Italy
1997 Michail Botvinov Austria Austria
1998 Michail Botvinov Austria Austria
1999 Johann Mühlegg Germany Germany
2000 Fulvio Valbusa Italy Italy
2001 Juan Jesús Gutiérrez Spain Spain
2002 Juan Jesús Gutiérrez Spain Spain
2003 Jørgen Aukland Norway Norway
2004 Anders Aukland Norway Norway
2005 Stanislav Řezáč Czech Republic Czech Republic
2006 Jørgen Aukland Norway Norway
2007 Jerry Ahrlin Sweden Sweden
2008 Anders Aukland Norway Norway
2009 Jerry Ahrlin Sweden Sweden
2010 Oskar Svärd Sweden Sweden
2011 Jerry Ahrlin Sweden Sweden
2012 Jørgen Aukland Norway Norway
2013 Jørgen Aukland Norway Norway
2014 Simen Østensen Norway Norway
2015 Tord Asle Gjerdalen Norway Norway
2016 Tord Asle Gjerdalen[2] Norway Norway
2017 Tord Asle Gjerdalen[3] Norway Norway


Year Name Nation
1978 Dominique Robert France France
1980 Maria Canins Italy Italy
1981 Maria Canins Italy Italy
1982 Maria Canins Italy Italy
1983 Maria Canins Italy Italy
1984 Maria Canins Italy Italy
1985 Maria Canins Italy Italy
1986 Maria Canins Italy Italy
1987 Maria Canins Italy Italy
1988 Maria Canins Italy Italy
1989 Cancelled
1990 Cancelled
1991 Guidina Dal Sasso Italy Italy
1992 Tatiana Bondareva Russia Russia
1993 Tatiana Bondareva Russia Russia
1994 Elena Kalughina Russia Russia
1995 Eugenia Bitchougova Russia Russia
1996 Guidina Dal Sasso Italy Italy
1997 Guidina Dal Sasso Italy Italy
1998 Guidina Dal Sasso Italy Italy
1999 Guidina Dal Sasso Italy Italy
2000 Svetlana Nageykina Russia Russia
2001 Irina Skladneva Russia Russia
2002 Anna Santer Italy Italy
2003 Lara Peyrot Italy Italy
2004 Gabriella Paruzzi Italy Italy
2005 Cristina Paluselli Italy Italy
2006 Cristina Paluselli Italy Italy
2007 Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen Norway Norway
2008 Jenny Hansson Sweden Sweden
2009 Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen Norway Norway
2010 Jenny Hansson Sweden Sweden
2011 Seraina Boner Switzerland Switzerland
2012 Susanne Nyström Sweden Sweden
2013 Seraina Boner Switzerland Switzerland
2014 Julia Tikhonova Russia Russia
2015 Katerina Smutna Austria Austria
2016 Britta Johansson Norgren[2] Sweden Sweden
2017 Katerina Smutna[3] Czech Republic Czech Republic


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