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Language(s)Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Word/nameLatin: Marianus
MeaningChild of Marius
Region of originItaly, Portugal, Spain
Other names
Related namesMarian (Czech; Slovak; Polish), Mariana (female variant)
See alsoMario, Marios

Mariano is a masculine name from the Romance languages, corresponding to the feminine Mariana.

It is an Italian, Spanish and Portuguese variant of the Roman Marianus which derived from Marius, and Marius derived from the Roman god Mars (see also Ares) or from the Latin maris "male".[1][2][3]

Mariano and Marian are sometimes seen as a conjunction of the two female names Mary and Ann.[4] This name is an homage to The Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Mariano, as a surname, is of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese origin from the personal name Mariano, from the Latin family name Marianus (a derivative of the ancient personal name Marius, of Etruscan origin). In the early Christian era it came to be taken as an adjective derived from Maria, and was associated with the cult of the Virgin Mary. It was borne by various early saints, including a 3rd-century martyr in Numibia and a 5th-century hermit of Berry, France.[5] It is also a Sephardic Jewish surname derived from the term Merano. The term, which is frequently derived from the New Testament phrase "maran atha" ("our Lord hath come"), denotes in Spanish "damned," "accursed," "banned"; also "hog," and in Portuguese it is used as an opprobrious epithet of the Jews because they do not eat pork. The name was applied to the Spanish Jews who, through compulsion or for form's sake, became converted to Christianity in consequence of the cruel persecutions of 1391 and of Vicente Ferrer's missionary sermons. These "conversos" (converts), as they were called in Spain, or "Christãos Novos" (Neo-Christians) in Portugal, or "Chuetas" in the Balearic Isles, or "Anusim" (constrained) in Hebrew, numbered more than 100,000. With them the history of the Pyrenean Peninsula, and indirectly that of the Jews also, enters upon a new phase; for they were the immediate cause both of the introduction of the Inquisition into Spain and of the expulsion of the Jews from that country.

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