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Mariposa is the Spanish word for Butterfly. It may also refer to:

  • La Mariposa, a character from the Dead or Alive video game series
  • Las Mariposas, nickname for the Mirabal sisters, Dominican political dissidents who opposed the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo
  • Mariposa (novel), a 2009 novel by science fiction author Greg Bear
  • Mariposa Battalion, a California State Militia unit formed in 1851 to fight the Miwok and Yokut people in the Mariposa War
  • Mariposa botnet, a botnet involved in cyberscamming and denial of service attacks
  • Mariposa Folk Festival, a folk music festival in Ontario, Canada
  • Mariposa Grove, a sequoia grove located near Wawona, California, in the southernmost part of Yosemite National Park
  • Mariposa lily, a bulbous plant species of the genus Calochortus; native to western North America
  • Mariposa School of Skating, a Canadian figure-skating training center
  • Mariposa War, a war between Native Americans and miners in California that lasted from May 1850 until June 1851
  • Moth, a flying insect related to the butterfly
  • Mariposa (wrestler), American professional wrestler



  • Mariposa, Ontario, former municipality of the southwest corner of Victoria County
  • Mariposa, Saskatchewan, a rural municipality
  • Mariposa (fictional town), a fictional Canadian town created by Stephen Leacock, modelled on Orillia, Ontario
  • Mariposa, fictional planet from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Up The Long Ladder"


United States:

Sea vessels[edit]

Recorded music[edit]

  • "Mariposa", the first song on Freeez's 1981 album Southern Freeez
  • Mariposa, a 1998 album by Jennifer Peña
  • "Mariposa", a 2003 song from Filipino rock band Sugarfree's first album
  • "Mariposa", the first song on Wideawake's 2005 album Not So Far Away
  • "Mariposas", a song by Shakira from her 2010 album Sale el Sol
  • "Mariposas" (Belanova song), a 2011 single by Belanova from the album Sueño Electro II
  • "Viva Mariposa", a song from the album Goldkinder by German deathcore band We Butter the Bread with Butter

See also[edit]

  • Mariposan, the Yokut people and language of California