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Marjorie Fair was an indie rock/shoegaze American band formed in New Jersey by musician Evan Slamka, and based in Los Angeles, California. Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of The Doves or The Beatles, however, with a more psychedelic rock sound. The only consistent member was Evan Slamka (vocals, guitar), and included Wayne Faler (guitar), Dain Luscombe (keyboards), Chris Tristram (bass guitar), Scott Lord (bass guitar), Mike Delisa (drums), and Jayson Larson (drums).

The band was signed to Capitol Records for the release of their debut album Self Help Serenade but were subsequently dropped. A blog posting on the band's official MySpace page (dated October 29, 2007) states "...we've been putting the finishing touches on the next record. If you know anyone who would like to put it out without having heard a single note of it, please let us know." The blog posting goes on to say that Scott Lord and Wayne Faler had since left the band.

Slamka formed a new project called Square on Square in 2009.[1]

Past members[edit]

  • Evan Slamka – Vocals, guitar
  • Wayne Faler - Guitar
  • Dain Luscombe - Keyboards
  • Chris Tristram - Bass guitar
  • Scott Lord - Bass guitar
  • Mike Delisa - Drums
  • Jayson Larson – Drums
  • Josh Brown - Keyboards




  • "Stare" (May 17, 2004)
  • "Waves" (October 18, 2004)


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