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Mark Jason Dominus
Mark Jason Dominus.jpg
Mark Jason Dominus in 2007
Known for Higher-Order Perl

Mark Jason Dominus is the author of Higher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with Programs which was published in 2005 by Morgan Kaufmann. He was the managing editor of (a website about the Perl programming language) from 1999 to 2001[1] and was a columnist for The Perl Journal for several years.[2][when?] Other Perl-related articles by Dominus have appeared in magazines such as Wired[3] and IEEE Software.[4] Dominus is the author of several Perl modules, including Text::Template, Memoize, and Tie::File. His work on Rx, a Perl regular expression debugger, won the 2001 Larry Wall Award for Practical Utility.[5] He has been an invited speaker at OOPSLA 2008.[6] He is the founder of Kibology, a parody religion Usenet group.[7]


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