Higher-Order Perl

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Higher-Order Perl
Higher-Order Perl front cover 2005.jpg
The cover of Higher-Order Perl
AuthorMark Jason Dominus
Cover artistYvo Riezebos
LanguageEnglish, Chinese
SubjectComputer programming, Perl
Published2005 Morgan Kaufmann
Media typePrint, MOD, PDF
005.13/3 22
LC ClassQA76.73.P22 D56 2005

Higher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with Programs (ISBN 1-55860-701-3), is a book about the Perl programming language written by Mark Jason Dominus with the goal to teach Perl programmers with a strong C and Unix background how to use techniques with roots in functional programming languages like Lisp that are available in Perl as well.[1]

In June 2013, a Chinese-language edition was published by China Machine Press.[2] The full text of Higher Order Perl is available online in Plain Old Documentation (MOD) and in PDF.[3][4]


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