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Mark P. Shea is an American author, blogger, and speaker working in the field of Roman Catholic apologetics. Born and raised in Everett, Washington, he describes himself as a "double-jump convert[,] raised more or less as an agnostic pagan, [who] became a non-denominational Evangelical in 1979, and entered the Catholic Church in 1987".[1] Although he has no formal theological training, he has been published in the Catholic World Report,[2] New Oxford Review,[3] The Door, Catholic Digest, and Christianity and Literature.[4] Until 1 January 2016,[5] Shea maintained the "Catholic and Enjoying It!" blog.[6] Shea contributed a column to the National Catholic Register until they fired him for publicly engaging in such a way that was considered irreconcilable with their "... editorial vision or standards of charitable discussion.[7][4] His one-minute “Words of Encouragement” segments have been broadcast nationally in the United States on Ave Maria Radio.[4]

Shea has appeared as the character Innocent Smith on Dale Ahlquist's television program G. K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), and again as Innocent Smith in Ahlquist's film presentation of Chesterton's novel Manalive; Shea also appeared on EWTN in the made-for-television film adaptation of Chesterton's play The Surprise as the captain of the guard.[8]


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