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Christendom College
Christendom College Seal B-W logo.png
Official seal for Christendom College
Motto Instaurare Omnia In Christo (Latin: To Restore All Things in Christ)
Type Private; Lay-run Catholic
Established September 14, 1977
Affiliation Roman Catholic Church
Endowment US$10 million
President Timothy T. O'Donnell, STD, KGCHS
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Undergraduates 421 (2014)[1]
Postgraduates 67
Address 134 Christendom Dr, Front Royal, VA 22630, Front Royal, Virginia, USA
38°57′7″N 78°8′45.9″W / 38.95194°N 78.146083°W / 38.95194; -78.146083Coordinates: 38°57′7″N 78°8′45.9″W / 38.95194°N 78.146083°W / 38.95194; -78.146083
Campus Rural, 100 acres (.40 km²)
Founder Warren H. Carroll
Mascot The Crusaders
Christendom College is located in Northern Virginia
Christendom College
Location in Northern Virginia
Christendom College is located in Virginia
Christendom College
Location in Northern Virginia
Christendom College is located in the US
Christendom College
Location in Northern Virginia

Christendom College is a Catholic liberal arts college in Front Royal, Virginia, United States, which is located in the Shenandoah Valley. It is endorsed by The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College.

Educational mission[edit]

Christendom College is a Catholic coeducational college institutionally committed to the Magisterium (teaching authority) of the Roman Catholic Church.

The College provides a Catholic liberal arts education.


Christendom College was founded by Warren H. Carroll in 1977 in Triangle, Virginia, with $50,000.[2] The original campus was an abandoned elementary school in Triangle, housing a total of 26 students[2] and five faculty. The founding faculty consisted of Carroll, William Marshner, Jeffrey A. Mirus, Kristin (née Popik) Burns, and Raymund P. O'Herron.

In 1979, the College acquired its new campus in Front Royal, Virginia, overlooking the Shenandoah River.[2] It still occupies this site today.

In 1997 Warren Carroll acknowledged the debt Christendom College owed to L. Brent Bozell, Jr. and Triumph magazine in his obituary for Bozell:

"Christendom College was gestated in the womb of Triumph magazine and the Society for the Christian Commonwealth, Brent Bozell's creations. All of our original five faculty were long-time subscribers to Triumph and three had attended the program in Spain. Our current president and his wife and our executive vice-president had attended the program in Spain. Two of the three original major donors who enabled our College project to be launched financially had attended the program in Spain, and the third had seen his son attend it. Many of the original members of our Board of Directors were Triumph readers. In a very fundamental sense Christendom College was a Triumph enterprise, and always will be."[3][4][5]

Academic degrees[edit]

Christendom College entrance sign

Christendom College has two schools offering graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Undergraduate students combine a liberal arts core-curriculum with eventual upper-level courses in their major field (or fields) of study.

Graduates can choose from three theological concentrations: Systematic Theology, Moral Theology, and Catechetics

Undergraduate college[edit]

All graduates of the undergraduate college are awarded the bachelor of arts degree. The fields of study are:

Notre Dame Graduate School of Christendom College[edit]

Robert J. Matava, Dean

  • Master of Sacred Theology

Rome Program[edit]

The Rome Program includes a continuation of the College's core curriculum program for juniors (THEO 301 Moral Theology during the Fall; and THEO 302 Apologetics in the spring), as well as courses in Italian, Roman Art & Architecture, and a general catch all course that highlights Rome as a center of culture. The Program also includes a week's pilgrimage to Assisi and Siena.

College presidents[edit]

  1. Dr. Warren Carroll 1977 - 1985
  2. Dr. Damian Fedoryka 1985-1992
  3. Dr. Timothy T. O’Donnell 1992 - current

Basic Statistical Data for the 2012-2013 Undergraduate Academic Year[6][edit]


  • Total Undergraduates: 388 (from 45 States and 5 foreign countries)
  • Male/Female Ratio: 42:58
  • Freshman Class Stats: 105 freshmen:
  • 48% are siblings of either current Christendom students or alumni, 13% are legacy students
  • % Students Living on Campus: 95%
  • % Students receiving need-based financial aid: 51%
  • % Students receiving need-based or merit-based aid: 75%
  • Acceptance Rate: 80%
  • Yield Rate: 51%
  • 47% attended one of the College's Summer Programs, from 33 US States, UK, Canada, Greece, and Ireland
  • 35% of them are on academic scholarship.

Freshman SAT Midranges:

  • Reading: 560-700
  • Math: 510-640
  • Writing: 570-690
  • Average SAT score: 1820

Tuition: $21,000

Room & Board: $7,970

Freshman Retention Rate: 83%

Graduation Rate: 69% 4 years 70% 6 years

Course Information:

  • % Courses with fewer than 20 students: 59%
  • Student/Faculty Ratio: 14:1
  • % Courses Taught by Graduate Students: 0
  • 3 Most Popular Majors: History, Philosophy, Political Science


Regina Coeli Hall
Christ the King Chapel

Residence halls[edit]

Men's dormitories:

  • St. Augustine Hall
  • St. Benedict Hall
  • St. Francis Hall
  • St. Joseph Hall
  • St. Pius Hall

Women's dormitories:

  • Blessed Margaret Hall
  • St. Catherine of Siena Hall
  • St. Edmund Campion Hall
  • St. Theresa Hall

Academic buildings[edit]

  • Aula Magna Mariae (Chapel Crypt)
  • St. Lawrence Commons
  • St. John the Evangelist Library
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Hall

Other buildings[edit]


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